Why can I now only use Squeegee SMS?

Unfortunately due to changes in permissions, we no longer support sms enabled devices.  Apple and Google have made it impossible to send messages in bulk, despite our best efforts to find a work around.  

The benefits of using a text service rather than device sms are that the messages can be sent from any device attached to the account (dependent on permissions set for users) and you can choose whether to enable replies or only support outgoing messages. Because we can bulk buy credits in very large amounts, we are able to only pass on a very small charge to you - less than any other similar provider!

Squeegee SMS credits are 3p + vat each. SMS messages can be up to 160 characters for a single credit. Once over this, every 153 characters is an additional SMS credit up to a maximum of 6 parts.

Up until very recently, we were only using up one credit per sms which was costing us a huge amount with most customers sending multi-part messages. So if you've suddenly noticed that you're using more credits, that is why! We have now also added a message counter to help with this so you know when you're messages are going to use up more than one credit. 

We also allow you to manage credits within the app and now have an automatic top-up feature too so you needn't worry about running out of credits during the working day.