Reconciling payments and managing owing lists in Squeegee

Keeping on top of your owing list

Susie Bishop
19th January 2023

How do you currently manage your list of owing customers?

For many in the cleaning industry, this is becoming less of a problem with more and more of our customers being signed up to automatic payment methods, but even now, there are those customers who want to keep control of when and how they pay via cash or bank transfer and of course there can be the odd time when an automatic payment method fails to go through successfully. So what then? The tried and tested method of door to door payment collections is long winded and might still not get you anywhere, so you'e left with either hoping the customer is in the next time you visit for an appointment or sending them a gentle (or not so gentle!) reminder. This can take a fair amount of time when having to gather owing totals with invoice dates to add into messages manually, which is where Squeegee makes light work of the process.

The owing list on a Squeegee account showing the different ways the data an be displayed and ordered

The owing list allows you to view all your debtors as well as the ability to be filtered by status and ordered by any of the options showing above such as 'debt age oldest.'

From here, it's possible to record a payment, charge the customer if they're signed up to an automatic payment method or create a credit note or write off as well as messaging the customer directly with a pre-saved message template requesting payment.

As with all the message templates in Squeegee, there's a list of tokens available for you to add, in order to pull through information stored on the customer/jobs to make it loo personalised without the effort of having to find all the information. So for example you can provide a mini-statement of a customers account and the balance on the account with just the inclusion of two tokens in the message. These messages can then be sent out in bulk to all owing customers showing on the list in one go to further reduce admin time.

An example of a payment request template in Squeegee

Take a look at Trad-Man's short tutorial on using it for a window cleaning business here: