Marketing for Service Industry Businesses - Squeegee Send

Marketing for Service Industry Businesses - Squeegee Send

Alie Slater
17th November 2022

How Can Squeegee Send Help With My Marketing Plan?

In our marketing series, we’ve covered the importance of good branding, having a website, using social media as a way to connect to your customers, and even how Youtube can benefit your company. We have a new feature for Squeegee that we feel will be the cherry on top of your marketing plan. We are happy to tell you about Squeegee Send! Similar to programs like Sendgrid and Mailchimp, Squeegee Send will help you create and send marketing communication to your clients. Currently, Squeegee Send allows you to use not only email marketing but also SMS delivery. In the future, it will also allow you to send out via physical post/mail.

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How Can I Get Squeegee Send?

Squeegee Send will only be available with the Squeegee App at first. In time, it will be a stand-alone product with the ability to upload clients from a CSV file. Once Send is available for our customers, we will let everyone know. In the meantime, you can start thinking about different ways you will be able to use it to start sending out newsletters and communications to your clients.

Where Can I Learn How to Use Squeegee Send?

Susie, here at Squeegee, has you covered! Just like with all other app components, she had created a set of training videos on how to use this new feature. She will walk you through how to create a marketing campaign, audiences, and templates. Here is the link for the video series on Squeegee Academy. You may also visit our website for a detailed description of how Squeegee Send works.