Accredited Training in the Cleaning Industry.

Accredited Training in the Cleaning Industry.

Matt Bewley
22nd March 2022

Cover image: Trent Erwin

Planning some training for your company?

There are multiple factors that go into making the decision of who, how and why you want to train your company. Will you use online training? Face to Face, a mix of both? Videos or demonstrations and more.

The absolute must have when it comes to training your company, is the reassurance that the training you are receiving is good quality and held at a high standard. This is where accredited training comes in. Let's take a look at what accredited training is.

Wondering what accredited training is? Or how it can help your company? Wonder no more, this article will provide all the answers you're looking for.

What is accredited training?

For a training package to be “accredited”, it must be approved by a reputable institution. This approval shows that the training is of a high quality and good standard.

Benefits of accredited training.

Having accredited training generally means that the trainee will learn skills and perhaps insights into the specific industry that you wouldn't learn through other means. Accredited training offers learners to earn qualifications; this can have a massive impact on team motivation and adds to the learning opportunities. Using accredited training is also a reassurance that you are getting good training from your provider. Learners are assessed using the accrediting institutions criteria throughout the course before finally receiving their qualifications. This will prove that your learners are growing, acquiring new skills and developing pre-established ones. Because accredited training offers qualifications and assessments, it generally requires more work than other training as you need to show your provider that you're meeting the required standards.

Accrediting Institutes.

The BiCSc (British institute of cleaning science) is the largest independent educational body within the cleaning industry. With goals to raise educational standards and awareness of the cleaning industry through professional training, they offer accredited training and services to individuals and organizations, so if you’re a one man army or a big company, BiCSc will have a training service for you! They have a range of different services and training packages.

For training, they offer the essential “Licence to Practice”, which covers the essential skills for anyone carrying out cleaning tasks. “Skills training”, which lets you choose from 40 skills to learn. The “Accredited training”, which offers independent assessment and certification. “Assessor Training”, for individuals selected by an Accredited Training member to give their own employees assessments and certificates. There are also a range of Courses and Workshops to do, a huge “Cleaning Supervisor’s Certificate” with 250 lessons to become a cleaning supervisor and there are a number of free courses that BiCSc have created that you can complete.

BICSc logo - an accredited training provider

For a more modern alternative, UhUb is a company that provides whole workforce training out of the box, but it's much more than that.

UhUb - whole workforce training and engagement. Education Technology for the Cleaning Sector.

They only take on companies that engage in full workforce training meaning that gone are the days that some managers get a day out on a training course to then disseminate the training to employees - which gets pushed back or squeezed into a short session without all employees being present and ticked off. With a login for all employees on their own devices, UhUb provides an easy to use platform for initial training and quick refreshers on any part of the workers tasks and business management.

With a modern look and take on training, incentivising and motivating staff, UhUb's platform provides recognition and rewards all staff on their training regardless of location, job title or pay grade.

UhUb's Content catalogue expands training beyond the safe use of cleaning equipment for companies, partnering with 3rd parties to share a full range of learning including Race and Inclusion and Mental Health.

Squeegee and UhUb

We're delighted to announce that our own Squeegee Learning paths will shortly be uploaded onto UhUb's catalogue for whole workforce training at every level of Squeegee.