Automate Everything

Matt Bewley
5th November 2021

Automatic invoices and payments

Professional Invoicing

For Squeegee our main priority is to increase the productivity, efficiency, and output of your business. Squeegee's invoice system does just that. Upon completion of a job, an invoice is automatically created within the Squeegee mobile app. As it's fully customisable, you can apply your company logo, provide terms of service, and add any extra information you might want to.

Automatic Payment

Once the invoice is sent, Squeegee's automatic payment system will bill the customer the amount owed from the card on file. A receipt will then be sent to the customer for their own records. To manually pay, customers and clientele can use our integrated systems GoCardless, Stripe, and soon Square. They can pay at the door, on site, or later through the invoice.

Tracking Invoices

You can view and check the status of any sent or outstanding invoices you will have in the 'invoice' menu within the Squeegee mobile app. This allows you to see at a glance when invoices are due, if they were sent or not and the value of each invoice.

Sending Invoices

Invoices can be sent via email, sms, and soon by post. It all takes less than a few minutes, from creation, to sending, to payment.

Squeegee's primary goal is to increase the efficiency of your business. Automatic payment and invoicing is just a fraction of what Squeegee can do to help your business cut down on hours of admin work and completely nullify the need for admin staff.

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