Why use scheduling software for your service providing business?

Why use scheduling software for your service providing business?

James Slater
27th November 2021

If every day was like yesterday, same weather, same employee, same customers in the same location then scheduling would be easy. This never happens. Every day you as a service business owner are reacting to and managing many variables, some are expected and can be planned for, others are not.

ANY successful business owner will tell you that the key to growing your business is first moving those things that keep you awake at night out of your head and into a system. Does that system necessarily need to be a platform like Squeegee? Well, no.. you might be savvy with spreadsheets or use a calendar like Google Calendar or Outlook and this might work well for you.

However, can your system do the following things?

  • Automatically notify 20 customers at once that their service appointment has been rescheduled.
  • See instantly who else on your team might have room in their schedule to pick up additional appointments.
  • Automatically plan recurring jobs to a new day and time.
  • Once the appointment is complete, allow employees to provide evidence in the form of photos.
  • Document customer requests or safety concerns at a customer's location.
  • Scheduling in quote requests based on the area being worked.
  • Take a vacation and re-plan your WHOLE schedule accordingly.

Well maybe you could do these things, but how much time would it really take you to do it manually? Just think of all the things you need to remember to do! Maybe you could hire an assistant to figure it out. Or MAYBE just maybe, for a tiny fraction of that cost (less than the cost of a cup of coffee each morning), you could use a smart tool like Squeegee to do these things for you.

Businesses owners that have decided to use Squeegee have realized that the time they save allow them to:-

  • Focus on growing their business
  • Spend more time doing things they actually enjoy doing
  • Building better customer relationships
  • Keep happy and accountable employees

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