Trad-Man Academy - Adding a new customer on Squeegee

Trad-Man Academy - Adding a new customer on Squeegee

Susie Bishop
4th October 2022

Trad-Man shows us how easy it is to get all the necessary information for adding a new customer to Squeegee and get them set up for automatic payments - even with an awkward angry customer! :)

It's so easy to add all the necessary details onto Squeegee when adding new customers. Trad-Man does this directly onto his iPad at the door with the customer to ensure he has everything he needs to have them set up correctly. This only takes a few moments once you have set up your global default preferences in settings and gives a very professional look to the customer.

 Customer tab on Squeegee showing details and jobs

This video shows how using professional software and having a professional demeanor can help turn around a potentially difficult customer. If you have a few moments, take a look at the video and make sure you watch till then end!

**Disclaimer, this angry customer is actually pretty well known to Trad-Man!