What's new? 30th June 2018

how much?

The last few releases have seen some big changes to Squeegee, with more on the way. Here are some of the highlights:


  • There is now has a full import from Cleaner Planner available which brings across all historical data for a completely seamless transition. 
  • The system now has a feature which tells you how much available space your device is allowing for use in Squeegee within settings. This is of huge help to users with low storage on their devices as they can see when to try and free up some space to maintain top performance. 
  • From the work planner view, notes are now flagged as an indicator so at a glance, you can see the jobs that have notes against them and never miss them again!
  • A 'reset' option has been added to the work planner to revert to the optimised order after a planned order has been introduced.