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It's good to be back!
Hello from everyone here at Squeegee HQ. We've just reopened the office after working from home for the last couple of months and thought we'd get in touch with you all to tell you what we'd been up to!

Lately, development has slowed down a little in order to prioritise supporting our users through the crisis. We have been helping to bulk send messages to entire customer lists in order to stay in touch and provide updated information as it was released from the Government.  We have upgraded the sms service within the app. The main reason for this is so that all users have access to the new enhanced communication features to stay in touch with customers and keep them informed of the new ways in which they are working around covid-19. 

We've also updated our mapping and routing service which should now help users pinpoint locations much more easily, especially in built up areas, and have made Day Pilot run much faster. Reports can be configured for additional users, and on Enterprise accounts, we've enabled 'skip reasons' as an option to further delve into the data on skipped jobs. 

We've also updated the way we handle support to have all messages from the app and from email coming into one central place. This means that support tickets, app feedback, reports of issues and feature requests are raised in the order that they are created and get worked through by the team. With this new support desk came the start of being able to view documentation directly within the app to further help users with answers to FAQs on how to use some of the features. We will continue to build on this throughout the coming months and hope our newest users have found the existing articles useful!

For those of our users who use Xero alongside Squeegee, we now have a new Xero sales journal that automatically reconciles bank transactions on importing. You'll find this is the reporting section with the other Xero reports. 
Some things to think about for the future
For new and existing users of Squeegee, we've kept our twice weekly live training sessions going, where users get to share a screen with one of the team and go through all the features of the app, asking questions along the way. If you'd like to join one of these, just send us a message from the app or an email to support@squeeg.ee to book a place. 

Now that the restrictions are starting to ease again, we'd like to announce that we also provide bespoke training for companies on site, either at your offices, or here at ours in Herefordshire. 

If this is something you'd like to find out more about, please get in touch. 
In the pipeline...
The development list for Squeegee is as huge as ever and whilst there are many smaller improvements and features added all of the time, we have some exciting announcements about new plans that are on their way, to include:
A new updated Quoting system. This has been awaiting an update for some time. You can expect new quotes to behave much more like invoices with notification templates, many more editable fields and with advanced quoting including customer acceptance workflow.  

Bank reconciliation will be available soon on one of our new plans to cut down on that arduous task of recording payments made via bank transfer. 
Integration with Square. The first stage of this will be much like the integration with Stripe, where online payments can be made as well as card payments over the phone. After this will come the integration with the hand held pos machine and contactless payments. 

Marketing and advanced customer communications system with be making it's way to one of our new plans in the coming months too. This will include many more templates, scheduled messages and the ability to send out physical post including franked letters and postcards to any set of customers. 
Images on expenses, jobs and customers will be useful for all of our users in making expenses that bit easier to manage by uploading images of receipts, and for quoting and quality assurance on jobs and prospective customers. 

As ever, both the headline features and lots of the smaller new features and improvements come directly from our users, so thank you for your support and wonderful suggestions. We can't always promise to make them part of the app, but everything gets considered and discussed in our team. 
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