UhUb A Training Revolution

Calling all cleaning companies!


Take a look at this great solution for keeping your staff enthused...yes you did see that correctly...ENTHUSED about training!


We met with Stephen Goodall, Founder and Managing Director of UhUb, and were convinced on the product in seconds...like anyone who has seen it for themselves has been.

Why should operatives have to wait for training courses in their area, or managers have to take time out of their busy schedules to demonstrate how to use certain equipment? Too many mistakes can be made when training is of poor quality (or lacking altogether) due to the difficulties of shift work, and the many lone workers in the industry.


The vision of UhUb was to ensure that training is made available 24/7/365 to entire workforces, not just a few, for method, safety, and quality. Allowing Operatives to develop skills at their own pace, from any location, directly on their own devices. Grow your business by providing the best quality cleaning, from fully trained staff!


Everyone has a phone...why not maximise the benefits of that?

The thinking behind training on a mobile was simple. Take a moment in a busy place to count the number of people using their mobile device at any one time - embrace this love of mobile technology and use it in the workforce.




With no training required to use the app, companies and operatives can get going straight away with whole-workforces being able to launch on the same day.


A little competition goes a long way!


We had a tour of the app as the operatives would see it, scrolled through the training videos and looked at the tests. A unique motivational tool for staff is a sense of competition with leader-boards for employees to be recognised by their peers, and allowing solo workers to be recognised as a team, as well as an in-built rewards tool to recognise effort through such things as prize draws.


Instant feedback and accreditation

With City and Guilds approved learning and delivery, UhUb awards certificates that mean something to their trainees promoting CPD that is totally flexible. Certification for Learning that is approved by recognised bodies helps employees to build up their skill set on CVs and improve their cleaning practice to achieve the highest standards.


Connecting people, creating communities

The offer from UhUb is uniquely empowering and delivers more than its promises. It all at once gives otherwise lone-workers, colleagues in the workplace. It provides a community of workers who can connect and have friendly competition alongside. UhUb is also working with The Equality & Human Rights Commission to ensure all Operatives have their Rights to work accessible on their phones.


The community though includes the UhUb client companies who are invited to contribute to the shaping of the system tools and its learning content, helping to create truly industry driven best practice learning.


Unexpected benefits

Stephen mentioned an unexpected benefit of companies using UhUb - for operatives whose basic English level is low, UhUb is essentially providing industry specific language in a format that users can repeat and build up their day to day working English. It was a surprise, but one UhUb is embracing and developing.


Award winning

After being in the market for just a year, UhUb received recognition of its innovative approach to solving a problem that huge numbers of cleaning companies across the UK face winning a Technology in FM (i-FM) award in 2018.


With UhUb being recognised as the new standard in Training & Engagement by end clients as well as industry leading companies, UhUb is here to stay and is set to create a seachange in the way we all think about training and engagement.