Squeegee - what's it all about?

What is Squeegee?


Squeegee is an established scheduling system that is fast becoming the market lead among SMEs wanting to optimise efficiency in their business. The reasons for such fast growth and popularity? Quite simply the quality of the product and service which is recognised universally among its users.

Squeegee has been designed to manage the entire workflow for businesses in the service industry. It started with an app intended for sole traders managing their work, from easy entry of customer details, to the intricacies of scheduling work, rescheduling when plans change and managing payments. In partnership with a group of beta users, the team employed a strong user feedback model to ensure that the product was shaped with the user at its very core. Now with the addition of the newly launched Enterprise plan, Squeegee caters for teams of any size, allowing work assignment and a complete suite of features that allow oversight of the business in real time.


The creators of the system, Nexdynamic, have a strong background in innovation in development, and in seeing the types of software on offer for small businesses that were old fashioned and pricey, saw that there was an opportunity to create something new that would benefit everyone. Using only the latest technology and architecture, Squeegee was born from this ideal of improving the workflow of small and medium sized enterprises whilst remaining true to the ethos of being driven by the user, not money. A huge amount of research into the tasks that service providers complete as a part of their daily workflow was part of the upfront work, as well as ensuring the infrastructure that the platform was built on was robust and infallible ensuring users can sit back knowing their data is not only safe, but backed up and easily restored in the event of it needing to be.


So what does it do and how does it differ from other scheduling software on the market?


Squeegee was always designed to be fully mobile from the very beginning to follow the digital trends that have been continually and exponentially growing over the last ten or so years, and are still on the incline. The intention was to improve workflow by ensuring tasks that can be completed out in the field have the simplest possible solution, vastly reducing (and in some cases completely eliminating) time spent on administrative tasks.



Squeegee takes control of customer management, job scheduling, billing and payments, route optimisation and navigation, business expenses and has accountancy features all included. Although some of the features mentioned can be seen in the product descriptions of many pieces of software, Squeegee is unique in the way that all data is synced in real time, meaning that everyone has access to everything they need exactly when it’s needed.

The admin overview gives a snapshot into real time progress of workers including location, completed jobs, those invoiced and those that have made a payment, all at a glance. This real time data is invaluable for businesses for administrators to step in, quickly and easily reassign work when needed and ensure all work planned is completed each day.

Who is it for?


Squeegee is for everyone from new businesses who are just starting up, through to established multinational corporations. The plans that are available mean it is accessible to everyone from the standard plan for one user who is starting out, the premium plan for sole traders needing end to end business management and the enterprise plan for anyone working in teams from just two to thousands with specific roles and permissions set on each account. With exceptionally competitive pricing for businesses of all sizes, and a product that is extremely versatile to any service providing business, Squeegee is the number one choice.




Squeegee is feature rich and complex in functionality whilst being the most user friendly piece of software on the market.







Squeegee keeps scheduling simple. Schedule one off or recurring appointments in a matter of seconds, with any frequency.


Complete, skip or replan appointments with a swipe or update the whole schedule on individual jobs or an entire day’s work in one go.







Group scheduling by rounds




Scheduling by rounds is the most efficient way to organise work within Squeegee.


It allows users to set a job frequency for all jobs within a group and for these to be updated in one step. On the new admin overview, these will be able to be seen on a monthly overview calendar for even faster planning. The order of jobs can also now be set within rounds so that when rounds are assigned to users and are seen on their work planner or Day pilot for navigation, they retain the same order every time.


Assigning work




Assigning work to other users on the new Enterprise plan couldn’t be easier.

Each user has their own role and set of permissions created by an admin and work can either be assigned to them as a default if they carry out the same work each week/month etc, or on a job by job basis. The beauty of Squeegee is that it is all in real-time. This means that the admin can see the progress of workers and quickly reassign work when this is needed leading to happy workers who aren’t overloaded and happy customers who always get their jobs done when expected.


Navigating with route optimisation



The revolutionary Day Pilot feature helps thousands of businesses reduce time in getting through their daily work.

It not only provides navigation from job to job, but optimises routes using real time traffic data giving the option to update when a better route is found.

If jobs need to be done in a particular order on a day or round, these are an option and Day Pilot will purely navigate between jobs and display the expected overall time for the whole day’s work start to finish.



Invoicing and Payments



Invoicing and collecting payments couldn’t be simpler in Squeegee. 

Most users enjoy setting up their accounts with automatic invoicing on job completion and many choose to also have these automatically sent to their customers via email of SMS all in the one swipe! Customers can pay online directly from the invoice using Stripe, or even simpler, can be set up with Direct Debit payments using GoCardless.

Of course other payment methods can also be recorded within the app which reconcile against the customer’s balance automatically too.










Expenses can be managed on the move and easily sorted by category which can be visual using emojis and images to help.

All entered expenses can then be used to form different profit and loss reports against payments and invoices. Very soon, receipts will be able to be captured and stored against expenses too in order to make sure the papertrail is kept in one place.




Insights and reports



Insights give a monthly snapshot into customers, jobs and financials showing some key headline figures and trends.

There are a number of available reports in the reports tab which can be downloaded at any time and the team can generate custom reports to add to this section for any business, again so they can download these at any time.






Admin overview




Stage one of the admin overview shows the location of operatives out in the field and real time progress on jobs at their locations.

Jobs can be selected from this view to see the details and admins have full control over the re-assigning of work from here when necessary.





What’s next?


Squeegee is constantly evolving and expanding it’s feature list to incorporate more of what their users want to see. The next few larger features that will be added centre around accounting and additions to the admin dashboard overview: an activity feed for workers out in the field and admin staff, a higher level calendar showing a month view of where rounds are placed with the details just a click away, and reports that are specifically designed to be imported into Xero and Quickbooks.




Squeegee’s growth has been building in momentum from day one, to now becoming one of  the fastest growing work scheduling and management systems with unparalleled customer service and support. Squeegee’s usage is doubling every two weeks, with thousands of customers all across the globe.


Stories and Testimonials


Chris, the owner and manager of C.Rose Cleaning Services:

"Squeegee is a game changer for any appointment based business.  Before it was spreadsheets, manual invoicing and mediocre database management tools that couldn’t keep up with my expectations, but I’m relieved to say that has all changed, and I now use squeegee to schedule my work, contact customers, and use both the GoCardless and Stripe integration for payment collections."



"My work/life balance has improved tenfold and it’s never felt so organised, professional, and most importantly, EASY. What used to be a 20-30 min chore to complete the “end of day” admin has now shrunk to about 2-3 minutes instead. What a difference an app can make."

"Simply put; whether you’re a window cleaner like me, a gardener, plumber, hairdresser, dog walker (or just about anything else you can think of that uses a diary or planner to organise their appointments) you shouldn’t be using anything else."

Take a look at C.Rose Cleaning services online to see more about the business and visit their social media pages: 


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Peter Mackay (AKA Tradman) owner and manager of Mckay Window Cleaning Services

“My name is Pete McKay, also known as Trad-Man on YouTube and I run McKay windows cleaning with my wife Carlie McKay aka Trad-Girl."

"We started our business back in January 2015 after I had worked for other window cleaning companies for many years.

When we started we used software called GEORGE to organise our customers since that is what I was used to in my previous company. It is a very basic spreadsheet looking type of software that did the basics but I spent a lot of time wasting at the end of everyday, having to manually update GEORGE on every customer that had been done each day, also there was no way of sending out notifications to customers automatically so every job I would have to check the notes to see if that customer needed a call or text. Very time consuming and not very easy at times to operate."



"Since getting squeegee almost a year ago it has been revolutionary in making our business run smoother and easier. From easy methods of customer creation and automated notifications it also has cut down the time I’m in front of the computer dramatically as all I have to do after a job is completed is swipe the job as done on my tablet and hey presto Squeegee creates an invoice automatically and sends that to the customer.

Jumping from the GEORGE software to Squeegee was like jumping from a fiat to Ferrari so much faster and smoother to operate and miles better looking.

Overall It’s simply the best software for any service company to use hands down with easy operation, time saving features and the all new enterprise release designed for the larger companies with employees. I’m very happy to be using the Squeegee app.”



McKay Window Cleaning

Visit Mckay Window cleaning Services Facebook page for more information on the business, and Trad-Man's youtube channel for window cleaning related features

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