Reap the rewards of great training

We love an innovative way of delivering training, especially using a kinaesthetic approach which in our opinion, is by far the most effective method of learning. Teaching muscle memory takes time and practise, and what better way to learn an action that is needed for using a specific tool than to have a teacher right there in front of you for you to mirror!


Andy Misiura, of Kahuna Window Cleaning in Blaine, Minnesota is passionate about customer satisfaction and ensures his staff receive superb training in order to be able to deliver the very best. New recruits are valued with heavy investment in terms of time and care to ensure they have the skills and confidence to go out and provide the very best service to Kahuna’s customers.



The part of the training that caught our eye was this  mirroring approach. Andy cleans one side of a partition window in the office, whilst the trainee mirrors the movements on the other side. So simple, yet so effective. We also spotted one of our favourite tools in the industry being used - the Moerman Liquidator, and like any good tool, this also takes practise to perfect. With the in depth training program, the time and care pays off resulting in a happy workforce, happy customers and a growing team.


Check out their website and read more about their company, the team, their incredible ethos and what their customers have to say in their 5 star reviews: