A wave of lovely scents that don’t overpower your nostrils and are solvent free

We came across the lovely team at Oxygen-Pro nose first and were immediately impressed with the subtle fragrances that are a world apart from traditional air fresheners. There was no chemical tone in the fragrance, just lovely fresh scents.

Reliable performance

As non-pros in the odour control industry, we are used to air fresheners in our office that are overpowering to start with, then tail off over time before the next burst, gradually getting more faint over time. This simply isn’t the case with Oxygen-Powered. They guarantee the delivery of fragrance continuously, consistently and accurately for the entire duration of the cartridge life, using state-of the art technology that is used in the pharmaceutical industry to deliver drugs to humans and animals - yes, it’s that accurate, we couldn’t get over it either!



Effective odour control

We don’t know how they do it, but they do! The Oxygen Powered cartridges have something awesome in them called ‘neutralox’ This achieves odour elimination whilst guaranteeing reliable operation and is a unique molecular technology with the malodour eliminator formulated in the fragrance oil itself!

Safe and eco-friendly

We were delighted to find out that Oxygen Powered has introduced two new Non-Fragrant odour control cartridges, ‘Neutralox Super’ which is a super concentrate of ‘neutralox’ malodor eliminator. This has just a hint of lemon grass fragrance and ‘Kleer Natural’ is completely fragrance free. These both use 100% natural plant oil base as the active ingredient to neutralise odours rather than the heavy chemical base solutions that many other companies provide.

Unlike aerosols, they include no CFCs, no added VOCs or propellants, no ‘spray and fade’ effect and no noise. The cartridges are made from recyclable plastic so aren’t going to landfill with responsible users either.

A smell so good, you’ll want to eat it!

Our favourite scent in the range was, unsurprisingly, one that made us think of delicious flavours. The ‘glow’ fragrance includes black cherries with hints of almonds, plum, vanilla and cinnamon...mmmmmmm!

You can find out more and purchase your own on: http://www.oxygenpowered.com