Online Payments in the Pipeline

Squeegee® Updates!


Squeegee® has been fully up and running with the pro version for a month now - and what a busy month it has been! You have been busy scheduling jobs and managing your customers, and we have been busy updating and perfecting current features as well as creating new ones to meet your needs!


The current feature that our users are most impressed with is the ability to use up to three devices at any one time that automatically sync, in addition to being able to use a PC or laptop at home. This really does make it ideal for use on the move and you never have to worry about updating information in different places as Squeegee® does it for you! 


In the Pipeline...

Shortly your customers will be able to pay you directly using our new online payment system. When invoices are emailed out, they will have a link to pay there and then,  securely using Stripe. 

We will soon been releasing regular feature demonstrations and tutorials on our website too, so stay tuned to our feeds on facebook, twitter and instagram for updates!

Success Story!

Interview with Michael Carbon, owner of Mac Cleaning Services

With a reputation founded on professionalism and reliability, MAC Cleaning provides services that are tailor made to each individual customer. They cover a wide range of areas, from where they are based in Luton and Bedfordshire, to some of the most prestigious areas in London, such as Westminster, Knightsbridge and Regents Park, to name just a few. 
The main service they provide is internal and external window cleaning. Other services available to their customers are gutter cleaning and clearing, conservatory roof cleaning, as well as fascia and soffit cleaning. 
They use the revolutionary water fed pole window cleaning system which uses pure water to give the best clean possible, whilst remaining environmentally friendly. 
They have many testimonials, which can be found on their website or are available on request. 

What did you use to schedule jobs and manage your customers before you started to use Squeegee®?


I tried a number of different scheduling apps that claimed to be the all in one solution to scheduling and organising jobs but there were always so many features missing that I always moved back to my calendar on my iPhone.


Why did you start using Squeegee®?


Squeegee was recommended to me on a window cleaning forum when it was in the very early days of its production. Immediately from looking at the initial pictures I could see that this app finally had the potential to be the all in one service a business owner could need. I was lucky enough to be invited to use the beta version and work with the developers of this service. It was a no-brainer to move to Squeegee, mainly because the creators of this app listen to every single bit of feedback that a user makes and do their absolute best to incorporate it, and quickly! Just this alone was enough of a reason to move to this service, and because of the developers commitment to listening to their customers, they have managed to create an app that is absolutely unparalleled by its competitors. 


How long did it take to get up and running and start using Squeegee® on the move?

It was pretty much instant. The only problem for me was that all my jobs were saved individually as recurring calendar entries so I had to input them manually. For people who use other services Squeegee makes it instantaneous to transfer all data over and does this very efficiently.

How much time has Squeegee® saved you over an average week? And in what ways?

I would say it saves on average a minimum of half an hour a day.  If not more. The scheduling feature helps me to know what jobs are due that day, the cost of the job etc. When it’s next due is another great feature as I can communicate that instantly with the customer rather than having to flick through my calendar counting how many weeks till the next appointment.

How has Squeegee® helped develop your business?

The insights have been invaluable. It’s getting better over time which is great. It’s the first time I really have an understanding of things like how many clients I have, what services are most valuable to my business, expected earnings for each month and previous earnings. I am able to work more efficiently and faster because the route planner optimises my jobs for the day. 


Are there any features of Squeegee® that you now couldn't live without?

It’s funny because it seems so basic, but the overdue section is the section I find to be so valuable. It helps me to earn much more because with my previous system it was difficult to manage which jobs were overdue. Also the work planner gives clear information making it easy to track how much I have or will earn on any given day. 

and Finally...What advice would you give to other people in your trade who might consider using Squeegee®?

Use it! For a price that competes with all major competitors as well as a free option there is absolutely no service out there that comes anywhere near close to squeegee. It is feature rich, has a great user experience, is practical, and you can use it to any extent that you want. If you have any problems you can be assured that the customer service you will experience is brilliant. I’ve never found an app that has so many features, in such a simple way. It is just a no-brainer for any trade, but especially for cleaning services. 

If you haven't already...Sign up today!

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