Moerman Ultimate Squeegees

What’s the hype about?

As a large number of our customers are window cleaning companies, we have heard a fair number of rave reviews about Moerman tools. So when the opportunity arose to go and meet some of the team and have a close up inspection ourselves, we just had to see what the fuss was about!



We gathered as a part of a small crowd to watch Bob demonstrate the uniqueness of Moerman’s system - one where there’s no need for detailing after the squeegeeing is finished, as the all-in-one tool manages everything with ease. He explained that like every tool, there is a certain amount of training time required to begin using the revolutionary Squeegees that have been developed, but once mastered, they become the ‘fastest Squeegees in the world’...




Amazing innovation in products, and a company that listens

We went on to speak to Kelly - the Moerman ‘Guardian’ who told us the story of The Excelerator and how it came about. Bob, who had expertly demonstrated the product to us, spoke to Moerman one day saying their squeegees for window cleaning weren’t up to scratch. Rather than getting on the defensive (as I’m sure most very well established companies would do about their products) they responded with an invitation to fly over to the head office in Belgium and help with the design process to improve the product.


We LOVE their style - an almost unique openness to criticism with the knowledge that using this would only improve their products and help more window cleaners.


The perfect combination

Combined, the blade that goes into corners ‘The liquidator’ and the swivel handle ‘The excelerator’ were created. The idea is that windows come in all shapes and sizes, with a whole host of obstacles that can be in the way and one tool for all of them would be the ideal solution.  

Seeing the handle that can be set at 10°, 25° or 40° with the swivel lock on or allowed to twist with movement, and the option of interchanging blades and extension poles, we were sold. They really have thought of everything and delivered something exceptional.


Save time and money with Moerman

Spend a little on the best tools in the industry, and invest some time on learning and perfecting the technique, then reap the rewards. Extensive testing has proven that there is a net saving of 50%...FIFTY PERCENT! So whether you want to achieve 50% more work and income, or have 50% more time with your family, Moerman is the companion to help you achieve your goal.

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