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Squeegee has now transformed thousands of businesses by adding automation and reducing admin time by a reported average of up to an hour a working day. This works out as a huge 30 working days across a whole year, which is essentially an entire month!

You don't have to be a 'tech wiz' to use Squeegee, the idea is that the automation helps even the least technical minded business owners and workers leaving them to do the jobs they do best. 


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Squeegee Enterprise is GO!

The long awaited Enterprise is here and here's how it works:

For teams, Enterprise with permissions is the perfect place to start. For each account there are five different roles: Worker, Planner, Creator, Admin and Owner each with their own set of permissions:

Worker Accounts

Workers have access to all work that has been assigned to them for any day, they can complete work and mark it as done from the 'my work' tab as well as being able to view and optimise routes and navigate to jobs in Day Pilot. They can convert quotes to appointments and mark these as complete too. If the account admin/owner has enabled price information for customers (which can be set individually or globally) then workers can also record payments against customers.

Planner Accounts

Planners can assign work to themselves and others, replan and skip appointments and contact the customer with appointment reminders or with a general message e.g. for when an appointment has had to be cancelled or postponed.

Creator Accounts

Creators have the ability to create and manage customer jobs, quotes and appointments, set up and edit customer automated payments, record payments against a customer and create and manage expenses.

Admin Accounts

Administrators can manage system settings, rounds, services and users as well as being able to create and manage invoices and view account insights and reports. Administrators also have access to all features of a creator, planner and optionally a worker.

Owner Accounts

Owners have the ability to access everything in the system including managing the account profile and subscription.

Owners and Admins can enable or disable users for any level and multiple roles can be assigned to any user (so creators can also be planners and workers for example)

Once this initial version of Enterprise is released, we will be adding a full suite of additional features including: time tracking on appointments, in-app customer sign offs, storage of pictures against jobs for QA, attached documents for customers incl KPIs and a full admin dashboard showing fleet tracking with real time progress.

If you would be interested in joining our Pilot group of early Enterprise users, just follow the link below.


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So what else is new?


In short, lots!

We've packed in some great features for everyone making life even easier for our users. Again, these features are all driven by our users from regular feedback, so thank you everyone!

Landscape mode enabled

Landscape mode has now been enabled for all devices, which is especially handy for viewing reports and invoice summaries to see more of the information at a glance.

Fancy replan and reschedule

The already simplistic way of replanning work is now even easier! Just select any work individually, using multi-select or by using the group header to select all jobs on a particular day, and scroll through the week viewer to place the jobs where you want them.

Individual job reset

Overdue appointments for any job on a schedule can now be removed altogether by selecting reset schedule on a job, much like the global reset schedule function only job sepcific. This can be found on the job details when viewing a customer by opening the menu under the three dots.

Notes on customer

Notes on jobs have been in the system for a long time, but a new feature is notes on a customer. This is more helpful for any customer that has multiple jobs so they appear every time avoiding duplication.

Automatic CP import

Moving over two Squeegee from Cleaner Planner is now super simple with an automatic import function. If you're thinking of making the switch, check out our recent blog article which includes some useful information on what to expect and answers some common questions.


Coming from Cleaner Planner?


Live streaming from Squeegee


Thank you so much to everyone who joined us for our first live stream that went out on Thursday 4th October. In this session, we went through all the basics on the system from setting up your account to more advanced features such as invoicing for future jobs. 
If you missed it, don't worry! It is available on our YouTube channel, just follow the link below and look for the chapter markers in the description just under the video to skip to different features. 

Our next live session will be on Monday 22nd October, again at 7pm BST (GMT + 1) where we will cover integrations including GoCardless, Stripe, Textlocal and Twilio. We are going to try streaming straight to YouTube this time, so just head to our page by following the link on the button below next Monday and we'll see you there!


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