The Interclean show in Amsterdam is the largest cleaning show in the world - when said in those terms though, you can’t actually imagine the enormity of the buildings and the footfall without seeing it. With nearly 900 individual exhibitors taking residence in 13 halls that span over 70,000 square metres, the 34,735 visitors had a huge amount of walking to do! Some chose their sensible shoes and wheeled cases to house their ‘swag’ whilst the odd ‘show pro’ were seen moving around on their scooters to save their aching, tired feet!

The Squeegee stand was housed in hall 8, close by to the innovation centre and at the heart of  mobile technology. When we were just setting up the stand before the start of the show, we stood out to someone as being ahead of the game in terms of innovation.

Vincent Everts, a digital trend watcher who has a clear passion for innovation, was at the show speaking several times on the main stage in Hall 8. He approached Squeegee when we were setting up on Monday 14th, made a quick clip then and there about the company and vowed to return the next day. Vince returned in his presenting gear with a camera man in tow on Tuesday morning when the show had only just begun, took a short video clip using the app to swipe a job as done which synced up to the main connected account behind him on the big screen, and again was off in a whirlwind.

By 12pm on the first day of the show, we had heard people saying ‘ah that’s the cool app he was talking about’ having no idea he had featured us in his talk so soon. Vincent had gone round the entire show and only picked out around 20 products that he saw using real innovation and we were highlighted.

See the short clip on digital innovation here:



One of the other exhibitors picked out by Vincent, were FacilityApps who were demoing their new indoor navigation tool. We were impressed with the technology involved and were immediately interested in talking to them. The beauty of being at a show was being able to set up a meeting then and there about opportunities for working together in the future by integrating their indoor navigation system into Squeegee. Watch this space for developments.


We were also lucky enough to have a company who develop sensors visit our stand. Using IoT (Internet of Things) to create even smarter solutions for businesses is clearly the way forward in the Industry, and we LOVE it. We will be looking at opportunities for scheduling without the scheduling in the future - why plan a cleaning visit when a sensor can provide the real time data on when the clean is actually needed instead? Reduce unnecessary visits and have better quality control with the use of awesome technology.  


Future Proofing the cleaning industry, with the latest trends and developments and using data for transparency and efficiency is all part of our vision. We want Co-connected cleaning where efficiency and job satisfaction for workers at all levels roll into one and we’re just getting onto the runway preparing for takeoff.