How much?

how much?

Do you really know what you are spending on bank charges?
We can help you get in the know, give you more time and help your business grow. 

Cheques and cash
Aside from the cost of your time spent on collecting cash and cheque payments, business banking takes on average, an enormous 6% on cheques and 0.8% on cash. 

Card readers
There are some great deals out there for card readers such as Square, iZettle and SumUp. An average cost for the unit s £42 with the average fee as 1.73% per transaction. 

Automated payments
For businesses who value their time, automated payments using onine links in incoices and direct debits are the answer. Low fees and no hassle. Stripe is the cheapest at 1.49% + 20p for online payments and GoCardless is the cheapest at just 1% flat - min 20p, max £2

On average, our users tell us that they save 30 minutes a day on admin time. Based on the UK average for window cleaners, this equates to a yearly saving of £1341.85 or 37,665 minutes which is the equivalent of just over 26 days in time per year!

Take control
What would you prefer to be doing?

Either way, you're either increasing your wage or taking back your own time. 


Take control, use squeegee