Enterprise FAQs

Whist only setting up our stand at the Interclean Show in Amsterdam, we were immediately overwhelmed with questions about Squeegee Enterprise for larger businesses - something we didn’t have a huge amount published about, so we’ve compiled a list of FAQs for just that - information for your large corporation and how Squeegee is the solution for you.


What do we do?

We provide a range of Software as a Service (SaaS) products and an entire platform for enterprises composed of a set of modular features around work management and logistics, CRM, Time management, Billing and payments.


How many users do we have?

We have thousands of businesses depending on our platform every day to process millions of Pounds, Euros and Dollars of work.


How long have we been going?

We have been building SaaS products for large and SME businesses for over 5 years, many of which have benefited from our unique and innovative approach to building software. For the past 2 years we have been bringing these skills to thousands of businesses that now use our products.  Every member of our team has experience in working with large enterprises, such as Sky and Frontier Communications, and understand the complexities of scale.


How do we guarantee that our products are using the latest technologies?

We have a strong company ethos that encourages learning in new areas constantly so these can be developed into useful solutions for our clients. We don’t stick with tried and tested models, we are always reaching out and delving into new, unexplored territory to improve efficiency and capability.


Why did we build a product for the cleaning industry?

Our founders have past experience in and ties to the cleaning industry, long recognising a need for a simple yet encompassing yet powerful modern SaaS mobile solution.


What is different about our product?

Our product was first and foremost designed to be a frictionless experience for the user whilst providing decision makers with the information they need in real time anywhere. We have accomplished this by seamlessly integrating the most modern technologies so ensure the product is a light touch experience but an incredibly powerful solution.


What do we mean by ‘real-time’

When we say real-time, we mean you see it as it happens, with live synchronisation. You can see the work progress status and location, including physical movement.


We hope these Enterprise FAQs are helpful - as ever, please get in contact if you have any questions: sales@squeeg.ee

 Photo by Stefan Cosma on Unsplash