Coming from Cleaner Planner?

Are you thinking of moving your business over to Squeegee from Cleaner Planner? 


There are a few things you will want to know about what to expect when making the move and ways to transition your business successfully.

When moving from one piece of scheduling software to another, there will be a transition period. Learning and the willingness to invest some time in this is key to making the transition seamless. 

We all get into our comfort zones in doing things certain ways and get a little uneasy when moving away from this. At Squeegee we try to provide as much assistance as possible to help learning how the features differ, and how to use them effectively in Squeegee. 


A few FAQs from users moving across:


What are the main differences that I will find in the two systems? 





With Squeegee, the android app, the ios app and the web app are one and the same. All the same functionality is available on devices with no 'slimmed down' view. In addition to this, Squeegee is a real-time solution. This means that all data is synced as it is updated and added to, with no extra work on your part. 






With Squeegee, the changes that inevitably happen throughout the working day can be recorded on the spot. The whole schedule, rounds or individual jobs can be updated from a mobile device, as well as reassigning work to other users on the spot as and when it needs to be. 





Billing is also something that can be taken care of on the move, with the ability to create and send invoices manually or automatically, and your communication with customers is from the device you hold in your hand. This includes sending brand new quotes while still on site for customers to have an approval copy before this is converted to a job. 






Communication with customers doesn't require the user to open different apps, email systems and phone logs. All communication is stored within the customer details under notifications. 


Squeegee has an automatic address lookup, which means adding a customer on the move with all the necessary details takes less than 60 seconds. Users are given the option to add new quotes or jobs to the most suitable round based on location, and new jobs can be added into the route optimisation for that day, slotting it in where it is best placed. 





The Day Pilot function isn't found in any similar software. This takes the jobs for the day (which can be added to and changed as the day goes on) and auto-optimises a route through them ending at the business address set by the user. This can then be used to navigate from job to job using the device's 3rd party mapping app. 



Can I create and print worksheets? 



In short, no, and here's why:


In Squeegee, whether working alone or as part of a team, all your work is available to have with you from your mobile device.


Why do we place so much value on this over paper which can also be taken everywhere?


Paper isn't dynamic.


Changes and updates made on a paper record aren't communicated to everyone who needs the information exactly when that information is needed. Squeegee updates in real time, meaning that a change made on a device out in the field is instantly updated wherever connected accounts are. This means a huge reduction in admin time for the lone workers using paper who would then have to duplicate everything gathered throughout the day by inputting it onto a system. 

 Also, paper can be lost or damaged. Provided you have an internet connection, the moment you enter updates or new information onto Squeegee, it is immediately syncronised to the Squeegee cloud and backed up securely on our servers. Even if you lose or damage your device, you simply log in on a new or different device, or your computer at home and simply pick up where you left off. 

But what if I work as a part of a team? 


Again, paper isn't dynamic.


If you work as a part of a team of 5 people and gathering and inputting all the information from employees takes even as little as a few hours a week, think what this time is costing you as a business!

If you use multi-user on Squeegee, work can be shared and assigned to other connected users on premium accounts. Yes, this means that they also need a premium account, but at just £9.80 a month, all the functionality is well worth it to business owners providing this for their employees. So what's so different about Squeegee multi-user and creating worksheets for different workers on Cleaner Planner? Well, with Squeegee, you can see the progress data in real time. This allows you to intervene and reassign work to other operatives where it would not be completed. This means satisfied customers who have their cleans when expected from a company who doesn't cancel and reschedule at the last minute. In addition to existing jobs, when new work comes in, or prospective customers ask for quotes, these can easily be assigned to the most appropriate worker who is out in the field due to their location and current work load.

Within the next couple of weeks, Squeegee's Enterprise plan will also be released allowing permissions to be set for different roles: owners, administrators, planners and workers, as well as many more Enterprise features such as customer signatures, photographic evidence of cleans for quality assurance, task lists, time tracking and fleet tracking. All of this is priced competitively at £41 (+ vat) per month for each admin account which includes four free regular accounts. Again, all the mentioned functionality will be available on the app as well as the web app empowering workers. 

As well as just the information found on worksheets, the amount of admin time that can be reduced by using the automatic features of Squeegee, such as invoicing, contact with customers straight from the app, adding new customers, creating and sending quotes, and the ability to make changes to the schedule on the move, are all reasons why we don't currently, and don't plan to support printed worksheets. 


Ready to give it a go?


If you're ready to give Squeegee a go and want to import your data, there is now an automatic import feature which will have your data in Squeegee in seconds. Go to the link below to view the step-by-step guide and get started.