5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and Launch! V1 is LIVE

Invoicing and Finances

Standard - basic invoicing and financial management is now included with the standard plan meaning all the essentials are there. 
Premium - the ability to create custom invoices on demand is now included allowing you to create stand alone invoices for current and future jobs. 



Standard - Payment reminder notifications are now included on the Standard plan via email or using the TextLocal integration for SMS. 
Premium - The billing management feature allows all financial information including invoices and all communication to the customer to be filtered and sorted by date and status, allowing complete control and oversight. 



Keeping Track
Standard - payment methods can now be recorded with each transaction to keep track of how your customers are paying. 
Premium - the ability to now record expenses on the move is now available allowing you to filter and sort according to category and date range for accounting purposes. Icons can be used as well as text to create a more visual representation of expenses too. 



Navigation and Quoting

Standard - Day Pilot is now available on the standard plan. This feature auto-optimises routes and uses the devices third party mapping to navigate from job to job throughout the day's work. 
Premium - Quoting is a new feature that allows appointments to be scheduled in for new or existing customers. These are added into the work planner on the scheduled day and can be quickly and easily converted to jobs as a one off or on a repeating schedule. 



Automated Payments
Standard - Automated Online Payments using Stripe, and recurring payments using GoCardless are now available on the standard plan for their base fee plus 1% Squeegee platform fee. 

Premium - Automated payments with reduced fees are enabled in the premium plan. For just 0.5% Squeegee platform fee on payments, this reduces time and money collecting and chasing payments, going to the bank and paying for parking and consolidating accounts. The full integrations in Squeegee do all of this for you automatically. 


Lift Off!
Version one marks the start of the new plans in action - all the essential tools for sole traders in standard,  and end-to-end management within Premium. There are still, and always will be new features in the pipeline for constant improvement in user experience helping businesses of all sizes to hone in on efficiency. 

For clients with larger companies, the Enterprise package is customisable to your unique business requirements - if you think you would be interested in finding out more, contact us today with details of the size of your business and number of employees together with job titles and the modules that would be most useful to you. 

 Speak to us: sales@squeeg.ee