New Features released and 'how to' video

Squeegee® Updates!


Squeegee® has seen two new releases and 500 new users in the past month with brand new features and an improved user experience. 

Users are enjoying customers paying them directly to their Stripe account, which is now fully integrated into the app, as well as being able to quickly update the whole schedule for multiple jobs in seconds from the work planner! 



The Day Pilot feature now recalculates the optimised route on adding new jobs for the day saving our users precious time. 
We now have 'How to' videos on our YouTube Channel helping users to get set up and use the different features on Squeegee. Take a look and subscribe to see them all as they are uploaded. 



In the Pipeline...

In addition to Stripe, in an upcoming release, you will be able to add your GoCardless account or create a new one straight from the app. More and more businesses are trying to get away from spending time collecting cash from customers and are preferring an easy to use online method instead. 

Another great idea that will be up and running soon, is a referral scheme that will earn pro-users money off their subscription when someone they've referred signs up to pro!

More Success! 


Interview with Scott Walker, owner of two mobile businesses, Perfect Touch Valeting and Ecocleanz. 


Scott uses Squeegee's free app to manage his customers and jobs in both businesses. 
Based in Dumbarton, Scott prides himself on putting the customer first and has excellent customer reviews for both businesses.
He started by founding 'Perfect Touch mobile valeting' in 2004 in Dumbarton serving customers there and in surrounding areas. The company is renowned for excellent customer satisfaction on washing and valeting your vehicle from home or your place of work!
Scott also started up 'EcoCleanz' in 2015 and runs this one-stop cleaning service in parallel. His valued customers don't need to spend time searching for different companies to cater for cleaning and maintenance jobs both inside and outside the home, they just contact Scott who delivers excellent services such as windows, fascias, gutters, driveways, solar panels, shed/garage cleaning, domestic cleaning, furniture cleaning...the list goes on! 

How did you find out about Squeegee®?

I was reading some comments about the systems different businesses use on a Facebook group for window cleaners that I am a member of. Squeegee cropped up on there as a mention and seeing as it was free, I thought I'd give it a go!

What made you go for this app rather than one of the others?

I looked it up on the Google Play store, saw it had great reviews and looked easy to use - plus it was free! I thought at first there must have been a catch, but there wasn't!

How do you find the customer support with Squeegee®?

The support is up with the best! It's certainly the quickest response I've ever had as a user of anything like this, with lots of easy to follow help - I can't fault it!
How do you find using the app day to day?
It's really easy to use, I can see all my jobs for the day, marking them off as I go with a swipe. I can make changes to anything in the app on my phone when I'm out and don't need to scribble notes down on paper anymore!

Does Squeegee® save you any time?

Yes, loads! It makes my time out at work much more efficient in terms of knowing where I'm up to with which customers are owing and what I have planned for the rest of the week. 

Is there one thing about Squeegee® that you'd like to tell others?

Yes, to just start using it and let it simplify your life! 

What our customers have to say about us...

At Squeegee®, the customers are always listened to and new features are built into the app constantly from their new ideas and requests straight to our team! 
Here are just a few things that people have said about us...
'It's great & free, can imagine the pro version covers every little aspect.'
Vince Monte, Squeaky Cleanz, Worcester
'Tap, swipe, scroll and click, Squeegee makes the your work day quick!'
Liam Askew, Ryeclean, Pickering, North Yorkshire
'So easy to use and will save me hours of time'
Matthew Davies, On Board Window Cleaners, Oxford