We're super excited to give you a sneak preview of the newest feature in Squeegee, multi-user. This is different to the Premium feature that allows use on multi-devices accessing the same account. Multi-user connects accounts allowing users who work together, to assign work to themselves and to others, view progress data in real time and manage the entire business as a team. 



How does it work? 

Set for release this month, multi-user will change Squeegee use in small businesses making it simpler to track who did what work and plan even more efficiently. The scheduled work in its entirety can be seen as normal in the work planner, and once premium users have been added to the account, the work can be assigned to each of them. If during the day, one user is stuck and can't reach all of the assigned jobs, they can easily be reassigned to someone closer with just two clicks.  

And if that wasn't enough...

The revolutionary Day Pilot feature which auto-optimises routes, will now be available to view on days in the future to perfect the planning process. Day pilot uses traffic data at different times of the day to calculate the most efficient route from your current location and gives you prompts to update when the route could be improved when you're out and about. For businesses that deal mainly in appointments that don't have set times attached, it's simply a must have tool to get the most out of working hours. 


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Have you seen one of these in the wild yet? 

A group of our users requested Squeegee stickers to display on their vehicles and we were only too happy to oblige! If you spot one out there on the roads, we'd love to see it so please snap it and tag us in it on one of our social media pages. If you want to join the group, just send us a message and we'll happily send you your own.  Credit and our thanks for the photographs go to:
Liam from Ryclean,   Andy from APS Windows  and   Peter (Trad man) from MCkay Window Cleaning. 
Why not take a look at their business pages to see a bit more about them as businesses powered by Squeegee?