September news

Sorry it's been a while since some of you have heard anything from us - rest assured, this isn't because there hasn't been much going on here - as usual, just the opposite in fact!
If you're a user of the app, you'll have seen lots and lots of new stuff and improvements of late - read on to see the highlights. 

New Features!

One of the many new features that will help with your planning, is a dynamic distance indicator between jobs on the work planner. 

This highlights the distance between jobs when dragging and dropping appointments up and down the list giving you a red/amber/green warning for the proximity between them as you move. 
An update which will help out anyone using automated payments means that now when cancelling an invoice, the payment is also automatically cancelled where possible. You can always check the status on GoCardless transactions on the finance tab on the customer. 

You can now also allocate payments against specific invoices when recording or taking a payment.




#Hashtags are a really handy new feature. Add any hashtags in front of any customer notes in text or emojis and they immediately become searchable so you can quickly view groups of your choosing.
#Importanthashtags - if you use a #! at the start of your hashtag in notes (with no spaces) these will show up in the planner before the address on the job for important information.

Why can I now only use Squeegee sms?

Unfortunately due to changes in permissions, we no longer support sms enabled devices.  Apple and Google have made it impossible to send messages in bulk, despite our best efforts to find a work around.  

Read more about Squeegee sms here >

We have made signing up and signing into your Squeegee account even simpler with the ability to sign up now using your Google or Facebook sign in details.

So if you're like us and hate remembering which one of the long list of passwords for different apps and services you have used, this is for you! 

Sign-up now


We are delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with Spotless Water Ltd. Spotless provides 0.0 TDS ultra-pure water to cleaning businesses via a nationwide network of self-service filling stations.
Spotless Water came about when the founding directors saw a gap in the cleaning industry market for providing ultra-pure water via a quick and easy network of filling stations, which historically companies were making themselves on site. The stations work in the same way you would re-fuel your car, only with a handy app where you can top up account credit, and use a key fob to dispense the water. This has revolutionised the way window cleaning companies work in just topping up their tank whilst out on rounds rather than having to return to base when running on empty.


The vision of using technology to save time and improve efficiency is shared across our two companies, so the collaboration made perfect sense! Spotless Water's map of new locations is rapidly growing to meet the needs of companies using their service, and for Squeegee users, their locations now show up on maps within the app to show you where you can quickly and easily fill up.

At any point in your working day, you can now get to your nearest Spotless Water station by navigating to it from the map using the Day Pilot feature or the work planner, within your usual optimised the route of appointments.

If you haven't visited a Spotless Water station yet, you can easily set up an account online, and then get your first fill for free!
Click below to visit their website and get started.

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