It cleans almost anything without harm or chemical smell …

Do you, like us, put off cleaning your oven because it a) takes a long time and a lot of effort and b) leaves a terrible smell that takes days to be rid of? Look no further - this revolutionary product is the one you’re looking for.



Why buy a handful of products when one will achieve the best results for all the jobs? When we met the ecofoam team, they were so confident in their product, that they gave us a sample to take away and try, and invited us to sanitise our hands using it then and there. It comes in a handy 250ml sized bottle that produces a lovely soft foam. This can be used as a soap, a hand sanitizer and as a cleaning product for so many different things including ovens, floors, surfaces, shoes, car upholstery and bodywork, carpets and to remove limescale! Currently under our sink, we have at least ten different products that aren’t as effective as eco-foam, each boasting to be the best product in that one area!


No PPE, environmentally friendly, child friendly and economical

As someone who suffers with ezcema that flares up with even the tiniest amount of cleaning product or soap with the wrong chemical ingredients, I can personally vouch for this product being extremely gentle on your skin. There’s no need to wear rubber gloves and protective clothing. There’s no bleach and no ingredients that irritate the skin (or upset the nose) at all.

Eco-foam is also economical and was clearly developed with the eliminating plastic waste agenda in mind. Re-use the 250ml bottle time and time again, and just order in the powder sachets to mix up the product. Simply add water and leave it alone!



It works...But really!

So, to test eco-foam at a tricky job, I set to work on the office George Foreman grill, greasy utensils and the surrounding splattered work surface. I followed the clear instructions on turning the bottle 180 degrees and squeezing to produce the foam, then set to work! With minimal effort on my part, everything was spotless and grease free in minutes with no residue, no nasty smells and because I’d used the product as a hand wash previously, no concerns about wearing gloves and splashes onto clothing.


Buy it now!

Why not give it a try yourself? The product really is great and is exceptionally competitively priced: