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Run a more efficient residential or commercial cleaning business removing the need to manually organise with Squeegee, the job scheduling software for any size of cleaning company


Squeegee manages your scheduling for you. It helps your business massively reduce admin time allowing you to spend more time on what's important: your customers and staff. 

Squeegee is the trusted companion of many cleaning companies across the globe and is rated the top CRM on Trust Pilot. It's feature rich and structurally complex whilst being simple to use for both administrators and cleaners at any level giving cleaning companies everything they need in one place. 


Manage staff workload

See a complete overview in real time


Assign work to users, see real-time progress and location information giving you complete control so you are one step ahead

Manage staff workload

Squeegee gives you the birds-eye view of all work on a particular day with real time progress so you can intervene and reassign work when necessary


Easy work assignment


Fast and easy intervention as an admin


All the data you need in real-time


Manage Cashflow

Manage invoices and cashflow 
and receive payments automatically

 Leave chasing payments in the past and make use of the fully integrated systems in Squeegee to get paid faster. Generate invoices automatically whilst still on site and get paid by direct debit or using an online link directly from the invoice. 

Manage Cashflow

Squeegee allows professional invoices to be generated and sent automatically on job completion. View and track the status and stop chasing payments by using the automated payment systems available.

Take automatic payments with GoCardless 

Get paid online via stripe from a link on invoices

Invoice for future jobs and get paid upfront

Generate quotes

Generate new business
in seconds


Want to schedule in appointments for quotes and generate quotes on the move? Squeegee's quoting feature is fast and effective for both existing customers and for new prospects. 

Generate quotes

Quote for new jobs allowing the intelligent scheduler to fit the job in with your existing work based on location and frequency


Send quotes to customers in seconds


Convert quotes to active jobs as soon as they are approved

Keep on top of customer relations

Communicate with customers
straight from the system 


Keep your customers informed and keep track of all sent communication within the system. Squeegee stores all communication for each customer within their profile so everything you need is at hand, whenever you need it. 

Keep on top of customer relations

Send appointment reminders in bulk via SMS or email


Send quotes and invoices automatically on job completion


Know when customers have opened and clicked emails and receive notifications of any email bounces etc so you can stay on top and find an alternative way of communication


Starting a cleaning business?

Squeegee will help you with building your customer base, grouping jobs intelligently where they fit with existing schedules and locations. Managing customers and jobs could not be easier with Squeegee ensuring your admin work is kept to a minimum. 

Already established and need to manage your cleaning business for better efficiency?

Squeegee is the best system in the business for keeping you on top of everything and allowing growth without the growth in paperwork. 


Ready to Give Squeegee a try? 

We welcome all shapes and sizes of businesses, from start-ups needing small business software, to those more established companies who are already using Jobber,  Workforce, ServiceGeni or other software wanting to switch to a more advanced system. 


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What other features does Squeegee have for my cleaning business? 



The app does it all!

Unlike many other pieces of scheduling software for cleaning companies, Squeegee has full functionality on iOS and Android apps, as well as the web app for pcs/macs. There's no need to upload and download information, the app syncs in real time giving everyone the information they need, when it is needed. The new dashboard for Enterprises also gives a complete overview, all from a mobile!


Quick and Simple Swipe actions

Squeegee is simple and fun to use. Swipe jobs as done or swipe to skip or replan. Swipe through the work planner to see the visual chart of your work to find emptier days to add work to and swipe for recording payments. 


Communicate with Customers

Make use of the in-app notification systems to customers. Let them know you're coming with appointment reminders, send out invoices automatically on job completion, send messages to inform them of changes to the schedule and request payments. All via either email or sms, and soon using WhatsApp and Messenger in our top rated CRM software


Tracking Expenses

Record and track expenses on the move, when they actually happen so they don't get forgotten! Filter by category or date range when looking for specifics and use the data in detailed reports. 


Manage Customers and Services

Add new prospects and convert them to active customers in seconds with no duplication. Keep all of their job history, communication and financial history in one place. Call them or update details straight from the app. Keep track of your window cleaning services and  let customers know that you also offer gutter cleaning and housekeeping jobs to expand your business.


Detailed insights and Reports 

View overviews of customers, jobs and financials in the insights tab. See the work that is yet to be done, a list of customers who are owing, the projected revenue, uncollected debt and month on month comparisons. Export reports to csv format for accountancy. 



Some articles to help you run a successful cleaning company with scope for growth


We try to share industry news and write our own articles that will help you in your business. There are an ever growing number of resources that can be found on our blog page


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Evidence based cleaning

So many places of work still rely on outdated systems using paper schedules that can easily lead to mistakes and at the very least, duplication of work. 

"Evidence-based cleaning enables janitors to chronicle what they do in real-time throughout a shift using an app on a smartphone. The process begins when a janitor checks his or her smartphone before work to see what tasks they’ve been assigned — a refreshing change from an outdated process that required workers to go into a central office to check schedules and duties." 

Tracking Janitor Productivity With Apps
Contracting Profits Magazine
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Paper vs Digital worksheets

At Squeegee HQ, we have often discussed the hot topic of paper worksheets for mobile service providers. Having been a teacher in a past life, I have been one that has sworn by a paper diary and shelves filled with neatly labelled lever arch folders (that were mostly never reopened). 

Although I used to write development plans about 'working smarter, not harder' I would then go on to spend a huge amount of time duplicating information to tick all the boxes and jump through all the hoops that I had simply become accustomed to. 

Read on for some of the ways in which your company could improve their workflow. 

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