Invoicing made easy with Squeegee

Generate and send beautiful invoices to customers with just one swipe when marking the job as done. Why create extra work when Squeegee can manage all invoicing for you automatically.

Squeegee takes the headache out of invoicing by automating every step (only if you want it to though!)

The simple setup takes a few minutes to fully customise your template then you create beautiful, professional invoices tailored to your business automatically when your workers mark jobs as done, or manually if you need to add multiple jobs to an invoice over a period of time.

With that same one action, your workers can also send invoices to clients via SMS, email or both. All communications that go out of Squeegee have full tracking to ensure they are reaching your clients for payment.

You can view all invoices and quickly see at a glance those that are paid, due and overdue and follow up with a host of extra features to help with payments too.

Simple set up

simple set up, upload logo and set default notes to begin invoicing

Customise your template by uploading your logo, setting your default notes and adding tax details. Choose whether to allow automatic payment options per account or per customer and you're set.

Add extra notes per customer or job if they are needed, but otherwise you're good to go for invoicing when marking jobs as done - it's that simple!

Track all invoice notifications via SMS and email

track invoices that are sent out via SMS and email and receive SMS replies directly within the app

Squeegee makes it easy to ensure all customers get their invoices as soon as their job is completed by automatic invoice notification via SMS and email.

Easily track the delivery status and see when emails have been opened at a glance.

View all invoices

View all invoices to see whether they have been paid, sent and delivered

Take a look at the all invoices view to quickly see the payment and delivery status of either the most recent invoices at a glance, or use the intelligent filters and search for particular groups or individual invoices.

How Squeegee invoicing has impacted our customers

save time and money like these businesses

Squeegee try to make the mundane paperwork less and less. They try to automate this as much as possible.

I first found Squeegee when it was first starting out 3 years ago. What I love about the app is that they trying to make the mundane paperwork less and less. They try to automate this as much as possible. Their customer support is one of the best and easiest to deal with. I would recommend anyone to give this app a go and I guarantee you, you will never leave!

Squeegee has been a fantastic addition to our business

Squeegee has been a fantastic addition to our business. The system allows us to send an automatic invoice to customers as soon as the job is marked as complete. Not only this, with the integration of GoCardless and Stripe, it also allows automatic payments to be collected directly from the customer at the time of invoicing. This has significantly reduced the time needed to collect and chase payments and substantially reduced late payments within the business.

Squeegee app has saved us hours of admin, and has helped me personally achieve more of a work/life balance.

For us, the Squeegee app has helped our business to become automated. Previous software we used relied on us sending endless text messages and emails manually to each individual customer every single day, along with hand posting our invoices following each completed service. With the Squeegee app all of our notifications are sent at once at the touch of a button, and Invoices are sent automatically via the customers preferred method. On top of that, the majority of our customers payments are paid and ticked off automatically. The Squeegee app has saved us hours of admin, and has helped me personally achieve more of a work/life balance.

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