Which Squeegee Plan is right for my business?

Discover Squeegee App's subscription plans tailored for businesses of all sizes. Explore Core, Advanced, Ultimate, and Infinite plans, each offering a unique set of features to meet your operational needs.

Choose the perfect plan to optimise your workflow and drive business growth.

We get a lot of people asking why we have a per user charging model with a single subscription price for all users on the account - so here's why...

Squeegee App is designed to serve businesses of different sizes and needs. A key aspect of this design is the recognition that the number of users generally correlates with the volume of work. More users means a greater workload, which in turn leads to increased data processing. This is reflected in the per-user charge for each plan, emphasising that the cost accounts not only for access to a range of tools but also for managing the higher load on the support team and the system in terms of data processing and feature utilisation. Additionally unlike almost all other SaaS products, every user on the account is entitled to the same level of support.

Here's how each subscription level caters to these needs:

Core Plan

This entry level provides essential management tools, like Day Pilot route optimization, job invoicing, payments including GoCardless, simple quotes, insights & reports, real-time data, work assignment, and customer messaging so it is ideal for smaller businesses or those starting out.

Advanced Plan

Expanding on Core, the Advanced plan adds more advanced features for growing businesses. This includes automatic card payments with Stripe, advanced quoting, ad-hoc invoicing, POS payments, bank reconciliation, attachments, two-way messaging, bulk messaging, and a standard customer portal.

Ultimate Plan

Aimed at established businesses, the Ultimate plan offers comprehensive tools. It includes everything in Advanced, plus visual planner, worker skills, time tracking, Squeegee BALANCE accounts (in beta), multiple bank accounts, device audit, bulk pricing updates, franchise tools, Squeegee SEND marketing, scheduled messages, self-hosted portals, additional portal widgets, and custom design services. However, this plan like the ones below it comes with a 10-user limit, which may not suffice for larger businesses.

Infinite Plan

Tailored for large-scale operations, with more than 10 staff, such as multi-business setups and franchises, the Infinite plan is the premium offering. It removes the 10-user limit found in the Ultimate plan and adds a private hosted instance for custom code and modifications. This plan is particularly beneficial for larger businesses or those with complex structures, including those requiring multi-business and franchising tools, who need a highly customised and scalable solution. Additionally it now comes with two optional non rolling hours of professional services time per month.


In essence, each subscription level of Squeegee App aligns with the evolving operational needs of businesses small to large, scaling up from basic functionality to advanced, high-capacity features and support, especially for businesses that grow beyond 10 users and need more specialised tools like those for multi-business and franchising operations.