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With Squeegee® now you know. See your business in real time using an elegant blend of modern cloud and mobile technology.
Squeegee is a platform for managing customers, scheduling and dispatching work and billing for service businesses.

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Squeegee Enterprise

The REAL TIME platform for mobile workforce management

Squeegee Enterprise is all about making businesses more efficient, connecting information and allowing decisions to be made that affect the now in real time, and the future moving forwards.

Increase productivity, reduce costs, empower staff and grow your customer base with Squeegee


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Planning and Dispatch

Need to know exactly what needs to be done and when?
now you know

Intuitive and intelligent scheduling of new work.

Compare day to day and operative workload instantly.

Manage and dispatch your service workers on the most optimal route.

Take quick actions replan work in real time.

Easily process overdue work and keep on top of workload.

Send automatic appointment reminders to customers

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Time and Realtime Tracking

Need to know who is doing what, where and when?
now you know

Workforce see daily assigned work and everything they need to complete their jobs

Operatives can quickly swipe to complete and update job progress

Choose between automatic GPS based or manual time recording for work.

Instantly see in real-time location of both work and workforce.

Track the status and time of all or an individual’s work.

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Billing and Payments

Need to know exactly what to bill for and keep an eye on debts?
now you know

Invoice automatically or on an adhoc basis, quickly and easily

Send automatic notifications of invoices and payment reminders

Take payments using the customer portal or set up automatic payments

Keep an eye on work in progress and finances using insights

Track and record expenses including automatic mileage recording

Export your data and can integrate with any accounts / billing system

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Need to know the status of your leads, customers and work?
now you know

Use geolocation to map, target and generate leads

Quickly convert leads to new customers

Accurate address validation and geocoding of customer and job locations

Create quotes and jobs on the move

Track and record emails, messages and other notes

Provide a self service customer portal for GDPR requests

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Need to know that your data is highly available, resilient and fast?
now you know

Globally distributed multi platform architecture

Load balancing and redundancy for concurrent use

Massively scalable for maximum performance

Real-time fail over for zero down time

your infrastructure or ours

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