Getting paid with Squeegee

Take the stress out of chasing payments now with Squeegee. Invite customers to start using automated payment methods so they don't have to remember to send payment, and you don't have to remember to remind them!

Squeegee makes the manual payments you have to record simple, and removes all the time and effort out of automated payments completely.

Invoices can have payment options for customers to securely pay online and Squeegee users who have enabled the portal widgets on their site can direct customers to keep track of their financial history and pay online there too.

Automated payment options include direct debit using GoCardless or recurring card payments using Stripe - both of which charge the customer only when the job as been completed.

For bank transfers, Squeegee also has an integration with TrueLayer to reconcile transactions easily with intelligent matching.

Save all the time chasing and reconciling payments with Squeegee.

Get paid online

Squeegee gives you the option to add payment methods both to client invoices for online payment, as well as through your customer portal.

Customers have the option to either pay online via their sent invoice, or through your customer portal with their unique login which gives them their appointment and financial history in full.

Get paid automatically

invite customers to set up automated payments with either a saved card on file with Stripe, or a direct debit mandate using GoCardless where they are charged only when the work has been completed.

Squeegee makes it easy to ensure all customers get their invoices as soon as their job is completed by automatic invoice notification via SMS and email.

Easily track the delivery status and see when emails have been opened at a glance.

Want to find out more about our customers' preferred method and how you can get your first 90 days fee free? Take a look at GoCardless here

Get paid in person

Take instant in person payments with 'tap to pay'

With the Square reader or just the app now on android and iOS, businesses can quickly accept in-person payments, ensuring secure and efficient transactions. This flexible and portable solution is ideal for any business size, enhancing customer experience and providing valuable sales insights.

Take a look at how easy it is to use Square's 'tap-to-pay' in person

Pricing Module

Many businesses have already updated their pricing with customers using the Squeegee Pricing Module. This feature adjusts job pricing en masse, markedly reducing the time spent on price management. It also has a fully automated process for alerting customers about these adjustments, ensuring all stakeholders are promptly and effectively informed.

w the pain is taken out of informing selected clients and updating job prices for future appointments in bulk here

Pre-pay links

The introduction of pre-payment links had our bin cleaning customers rejoicing everywhere as it was built first and foremost with UK bin cleaning companies in mind. Often, these kinds of companies operate using a credit system where customers can top-up their accounts by different set amounts. In this case, having some pre-configured links in email templates is incredibly handy, especially coupled with a balance search to find those customers with a low credit balance to send the message out to in bulk.

Like many of the features in Squeegee though, whilst this was created with bin cleaning companies in mind, it is an universally useful feature for use with deposit payments for new customers, or larger jobs requiring equipment hire where securing booking with a deposit ensures businesses aren't left out of pocket if the appointments are cancelled.

See the pre-pay links in action

How Squeegee payments have impacted our customers

save time and money like these businesses

An absolute Powerhouse

Squeegee has evolved into an absolute power house in the last couple of years. Customer service, Planning & replanning, Quotes & Invoicing, Billing and payments, Any device. Any time. One app. One subscription. Absolutely essential for any appointment based business. Wouldn’t be without it. Thank you!

Has single handedly brought my business into the 21st century

Squeegee has single handedly brought my business into the 21st century. Before Squeegee I used to leave paper invoices and spend hours through the week checking payments online and marking them off on my spreadsheet. Now with just one swipe on my phone I can mark a job as done and either set up a Direct Debit or send an invoice by text or email. Not only has the automation that squeegee offers reduced my admin by around 90% but it's also greatly improved my cashflow. Amazing

Squeegee has been a fantastic addition to our business

Squeegee has been a fantastic addition to our business. The system allows us to send an automatic invoice to customers as soon as the job is marked as complete. Not only this, with the integration of GoCardless and Stripe, it also allows automatic payments to be collected directly from the customer at the time of invoicing. This has significantly reduced the time needed to collect and chase payments and substantially reduced late payments within the business.

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