Franchise Tools in Squeegee

Grow your business and use Squeegee to set-up franchisees in minutes to your unique specifications.

The Squeegee franchise tools enable growing businesses to easily set up and manage franchise accounts.

  • Add franchisees and any users onto existing accounts in seconds
  • Set up default options to apply fees and charges to all franchisee accounts
  • Filter payment types to apply different charges for each if applicable
  • Download reports for each franchisee showing the payments, charges, fees, gross and net income

Total oversight with the account access and management that you require for your unique business

Set up Franchisees in seconds

Once you have a new franchisee on board, add their details and unique set-up in a matter of moments to your master account enabling all the required charges to automatically calculated.

Grow your business exponentially with Squeegee's franchising tools giving you complete flexibility in how much involvement in the day t0 day running of each franchisee under your main umbrella account.

Getting set up

Once you have set up the default options for franchisees with your business, you can set all franchisees to have these same fees and charges to eliminate duplication of work.

Create any additional options per franchisee or reset to the defaults for fast and easy set-up then once the customer and job data is loaded, the business is ready to go.

Franchisee reports

No manual calculation needed.

Once you've set up your franchisee in Squeegee with either flat rate or percentage charges for the various business elements, Squeegee does the rest making the lightest of work in calculating wages and franchise owner income for each business.

Powered by Squeegee

See how Standout Cleaning have grown and franchised their business using Squeegee

Standout Window Cleaning - A company who have grown and Franchised using Squeegee
Customer Story - A Franchise Owner

See how Ebere has grown and franchised his business using Squeegee

Susie Bishop
7th June 2022

What some of our customers say about Squeegee

save time and money like these businesses

Squeegee are always developing their system with new features allowing us to give even better user experience to our customers.

We have been using the squeegee quoting system for a couple of months now and its transformed how we create, track and then convert quotes. Having a list of all quotes and their status from sent, pending, accepted, declined and then converted is fantastic. We can track our conversion rate and also pick up if customers have not opened their quote email. Squeegee are always developing their system with new features allowing us to give even better user experience to our customers.

Now I have Squeegee I’ve never looked back

Now I have Squeegee I’ve never looked back, this app has saved so much time when billing a customer, booking in work takes 30 seconds, adding a new customers and service takes no time at all and it’s great when pinning the address on the map so I will never do the wrong garden again!! Being able to see each customers rolling bill is great and helpful for reminding customers to pay. Invoicing customers is a few taps and it’s sent so easy. Invoices look really professional and love how you can add your own logo to it.

As our business has expanded, the Squeegee app and team have matured to what we'd call nothing short of amazing! The software is intuitive and well built and most importantly the team listens and are always on hand to offer support along the way.

We've recently franchised our business with multiple micro-businesses working under our Standout Window Cleaning Brand. We use the Squeegee franchising feature to keep everything segregated and organized. Each micro-business has their own Squeegee instance and will only see their own work. It's very similar to adding another Squeegee user with regards to access controls and work specific views but with far greater controls to allow for better personalisation for the specific micro-business. Compared to existing software from other companies, what the Squeegee team has created here is not something to be missed!

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