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Squeegee was originally designed purely for window cleaners as the first solution for smaller businesses who were otherwise priced out of the market with other pieces of business management software. It has quickly become the leading software in the industry for complete end-to-end management incorporating everything from adding prospective customers in under 60 seconds to producing detailed reports on your business accounts.

The development team at Squeegee have always worked extremely closely with customers with a huge number of the hundreds of features you see in Squeegee today being customer led from requests.

Let's explain the features

Squeegee is designed to automate processes keeping admin time down to a minimum. It's easy for your window cleaner workers to use on any mobile device with real-time updates so administrators can keep on top of the daily transactions.

Standard Customer Portal

Standard Customer Portal features with Advanced

Two way messaging

Two way messaging


Schedule in quote appointments and create quick quotes on the job that can be sent then and there for customer approval.

Franchising Tools

Franchise tools to enable businesses to easily set up Franchisees including fees, charges and wages

Powered By Squeegee

See how Dan at Somerset Window Cleaning built his business using Squeegee

Squeegee being used at Somerset Window Cleaning head office
Customer Story - Window Cleaning Business

See how Somerset Window cleaning built a successful business from scratch with Squeegee installed before a single customer.

Susie Bishop
24th May 2022

Used Worldwide By Thousands of Window Cleaners

Squeegee is used worldwide by thousands of Window Cleaning Businesses. With our advanced mapping and routing features no matter where you are you can optimize your routes, saving you countless hours of travel time. Our cloud-based infrastructure allows Squeegee services to be distributed around the globe, resulting in fast and reliable service.


Hundreds of millions of jobs invoiced using Squeegee


Squeegee has users registered in over 130 countries


Our infrastructure processes millions of jobs every year in real time

GoCardless Logo for secure Direct Debit payments integrated in Squeegee
One signal logo for push notifications integrated with Squeegee
Stripe logo for secure online card payments integrated in Squeegee
Truelayer Logo for bank reconciliation integrated with Squeegee
Twilio logo for private number 2 way SMS integrated with Squeegee


Squeegee integrates with many other third party systems to help keep your workflow in one place which, in turn simplifies and reduces your admin cost.

What our customers say

See what a few of our many valuable window cleaning customers think about Squeegee

An absolute Powerhouse

Squeegee has evolved into an absolute power house in the last couple of years. Customer service, Planning & replanning, Quotes & Invoicing, Billing and payments, Any device. Any time. One app. One subscription. Absolutely essential for any appointment based business. Wouldn’t be without it. Thank you!

Has single handedly brought my business into the 21st century

Squeegee has single handedly brought my business into the 21st century. Before Squeegee I used to leave paper invoices and spend hours through the week checking payments online and marking them off on my spreadsheet. Now with just one swipe on my phone I can mark a job as done and either set up a Direct Debit or send an invoice by text or email. Not only has the automation that squeegee offers reduced my admin by around 90% but it's also greatly improved my cashflow. Amazing

Squeegee has been a fantastic addition to our business

Squeegee has been a fantastic addition to our business. The system allows us to send an automatic invoice to customers as soon as the job is marked as complete. Not only this, with the integration of GoCardless and Stripe, it also allows automatic payments to be collected directly from the customer at the time of invoicing. This has significantly reduced the time needed to collect and chase payments and substantially reduced late payments within the business.

associate_member_logo_edited (1).png

Squeegee® is proud to announce our partnership with the International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA) to support its mission to promote the success of members through standards of safety, education advocacy, and research. Come see Squeegee in Orlando, Florida at the 2023 IWCA ANNUAL TRADE SHOW & CONVENTION

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