Customer Portal

Give customers access to their appointment history, financial history and current balance with the option to pay directly. Additional cards are available for full quoting and booking, request changes to existing jobs and track when and operative is on the way. Sign up to Squeegee Advanced or above to start using the portal.

The Squeegee customer portal allows your customers to have instant access to information about their appointments, financial history and current balance without you having to engage in emails back and forth to provide the information.

In the current market where customers are increasingly demanding 24-7 communication, the customer portal provides customers with the information they require to minimise calls and messages to you as a business requesting this.

With add-on features such as a fully automated, customer driven quote system, you can not only get quotes to new potential customers instantly, but also get them booked onto your system without having to lift a finger or check the diary!

Limit the number of different places you need to communicate with customers from WhatsApp, Facebook, email etc to just the in-app messages where both parties can view all communications so nothing gets lost.

The basic Customer-Portal package on the Advanced plan

Squeegee Advanced subscribers will very soon be able to invite their customers to view their appointment history, financial history and current balance, which they'll be able to settle directly from here.

Each customer can either use their unique customer ID or email address to securely login and view the appointments and financial cards directly from your website, with your branding.

Give customers access to all the information they need to minimise messages backwards and forwards and save you even more time. Simply set your auto-reply on WhatsApp, Messenger etc pointing customers to the portal for the information they need to save you having to locate and send the information across manually.

Upgrade to Advanced to be able to start using these elements of the customer portal as soon as it's launched.

Add on the Quoting Component

The Quoting component allows customers to view the advanced services you offer and either make a request for a quote, or receive an instant quote depending on how you wish to configure the options for your business.

Set up advanced services as well as 'add-ons' within Squeegee to allow customers to quickly view what your business is offering. Choose whether to allow them to receive an instant quote wit the ability to book in straight away, or just send a request for a quote with uploads for you to follow up.

Your customers receive instant follow-up emails confirming their request, quote and booking so you don't have to have the backwards and forwards emails with your clients.

Create the illusion of working 24-7 without having to actually work 24-7. Work smarter, not harder with Squeegee

Your Appointment for Today Component

Give your customers access to today's appointment component so they can view the position of their appointment on your worker's list, or have an ETA if you have provided this information in Squeegee.

Customers can view the worker location on a map showing them travelling towards their job destination.

Once the appointment has been completed, customers can leave a review with a star rating and if this is 4 or 5 stars, they can be invited to share this with Facebook and Google.

How Squeegee has impacted our customers

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An absolute Powerhouse

Squeegee has evolved into an absolute power house in the last couple of years. Customer service, Planning & replanning, Quotes & Invoicing, Billing and payments, Any device. Any time. One app. One subscription. Absolutely essential for any appointment based business. Wouldn’t be without it. Thank you!

Has single handedly brought my business into the 21st century

Squeegee has single handedly brought my business into the 21st century. Before Squeegee I used to leave paper invoices and spend hours through the week checking payments online and marking them off on my spreadsheet. Now with just one swipe on my phone I can mark a job as done and either set up a Direct Debit or send an invoice by text or email. Not only has the automation that squeegee offers reduced my admin by around 90% but it's also greatly improved my cashflow. Amazing

Squeegee has been a fantastic addition to our business

Squeegee has been a fantastic addition to our business. The system allows us to send an automatic invoice to customers as soon as the job is marked as complete. Not only this, with the integration of GoCardless and Stripe, it also allows automatic payments to be collected directly from the customer at the time of invoicing. This has significantly reduced the time needed to collect and chase payments and substantially reduced late payments within the business.

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