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Squeegee App is the fastest growing and number 1 scheduling, planning, and invoicing choice for growing plumbing businesses.

Squeegee Can Help Your Plumbing Business Grow

For businesses in the plumbing industry, Squeegee has some essential features to ensure maximum efficiency. Verify addresses by pinpointing on a map to have the intelligent route optimisation and navigation to jobs help you organise your day. For emergency jobs, take this one step further by pinpointing locations down to the 3 x 3m square using what3words to get you to the exact spot with no delay.

Provide professional detailed quotes for every job with a full acceptance flow with your customer that can be sent via email, SMS or both and have invoices generated and sent automatically on job completion with payment links for fast, easy payments.

Read about how this plumbing business uses Squeegee

Conrec Property Services use Squeegee to manage their business, keep on top of customer quotes and keep track of jobs.

Conrec Property Services, a plumbing business powered by Squeegee
Customer Story - Plumbing Business

See how Concrec Property Services uses Squeegee to help manage their plumbing jobs with a unique way of using the round function to set additional statuses.

Susie Bishop
21st October 2022

Let's explain the features

Squeegee App is designed to automate processes keeping admin time down to a minimum. It's easy for your workers to use on any mobile device with real-time updates so dispatch administrators can keep on top of the daily requests.

Customer Messaging

Send and receive messages from customers within Squeegee and configure push notifications for required alert types.

Advanced Quoting

Advanced Quoting


Generating an invoice couldn’t be simpler with Squeegee. Invoices can be created and sent automatically in seconds.


Set up schedules for recurring jobs once. Easily view the entire workload or per worker view and adapt the schedule as required.

Used Worldwide By Thousands of Professional Businesses like yours

Squeegee App is the fastest growing and number 1 scheduling, planning, and invoicing choice for growing plumbing businesses.


Hundreds of millions of jobs invoiced using Squeegee


Squeegee has users registered in over 130 countries


Our infrastructure processes millions of jobs every year in real time

GoCardless Logo for secure Direct Debit payments integrated in Squeegee
One signal logo for push notifications integrated with Squeegee
Stripe logo for secure online card payments integrated in Squeegee
Truelayer Logo for bank reconciliation integrated with Squeegee
Twilio logo for private number 2 way SMS integrated with Squeegee


Squeegee integrates with many other third-party systems to help keep your workflow in one place which, in turn, simplifies and reduces your admin cost.

What our customers say

See what a few of our many valued customers think about Squeegee.

Squeegee assists our day to day running of our small busy team.

I like the fact [Squeegee] is an intelligent, practical system enabling me to be reactive to the many issues that occur during the daily routes. The re-planning toggle has been invaluable to quickly be responsive during the day as the target is forever moving.

Squeegee enabled sustainable company growth with its automated features

I started Somerset Window Cleaning just over 3 years ago without a single customer. We used from the start and now have over 2500 regular customers. This could only have been achieved by using Squeegee, which has enabled me organise customers and appointments, send invoices, track payments and to provide complex reports. These actions are very time consuming without Squeegee and I can therefore concentrate on growing my business. Squeegee can be used by a single operator, as well as much larger businesses.

As our business has expanded, the Squeegee app and team have matured to what we'd call nothing short of amazing! The software is intuitive and well built and most importantly the team listens and are always on hand to offer support along the way.

We've recently franchised our business with multiple micro-businesses working under our Standout Window Cleaning Brand. We use the Squeegee franchising feature to keep everything segregated and organized. Each micro-business has their own Squeegee instance and will only see their own work. It's very similar to adding another Squeegee user with regards to access controls and work specific views but with far greater controls to allow for better personalisation for the specific micro-business. Compared to existing software from other companies, what the Squeegee team has created here is not something to be missed!

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Susie Bishop
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