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Squeegee App is the fastest growing and number 1 scheduling, planning, and invoicing choice for growing pet-waste managment businesses.

Squeegee Can Help Your Pet Waste Management Business

For pet-waste management businesses operating in both commercial and domestic sectors, Squeegee has all the features to take care of the admin side of your organisation. With scheduling tools for recurring jobs on any frequency as well as any one off appointments, you can ensure that your calendar is organised and customers are kept in the loop about when to expect you with email and SMS reminders. The intelligent route optimisation tools ensure that you can get through your appointments in the most efficient way with real time updates if you need to add or remove any appointments on the go. The billing and payment options ensure that customers are kept up to date with information on when you have visited and how to easily and securely pay online or via an automated method to eliminate even more admin time!

Let's explain the features

Squeegee App is designed to automate processes keeping admin time down to a minimum. It's easy for you to use on any mobile device with real-time updates so dispatch administrators can keep on top of the daily requests.

Customer Messaging

Send and receive messages from customers within Squeegee and configure push notifications for required alert types.


Generating an invoice couldn’t be simpler with Squeegee. Invoices can be created and sent automatically in seconds.

Day Pilot and route optimisation

Day Pilot Route Optimisation


Set up schedules for recurring jobs once. Easily view the entire workload or per worker view and adapt the schedule as required.

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See how Ki9ble Direct and Pooper Scoopers are managed using Squeegee

Pooper Scoopers, Inverness, using Squeegee to manage their business
Customer Story - Pet Waste Management Business

See how Richard Perrins uses Squeegee to stream-line the admin side of his business with the tools that Squeegee offers.

Susie Bishop
29th April 2022

Used Worldwide By Professional Pet Waste Management Organisations

Squeegee App is the fastest growing and number 1 scheduling, planning, and invoicing choice for growing pet waste management businesses.


Hundreds of millions of jobs invoiced using Squeegee


Squeegee has users registered in over 130 countries


Our infrastructure processes millions of jobs every year in real time

GoCardless Logo for secure Direct Debit payments integrated in Squeegee
One signal logo for push notifications integrated with Squeegee
Stripe logo for secure online card payments integrated in Squeegee
Truelayer Logo for bank reconciliation integrated with Squeegee
Twilio logo for private number 2 way SMS integrated with Squeegee


Squeegee integrates with many other third-party systems to help keep your workflow in one place which, in turn, simplifies and reduces your admin cost.

What our customers say

See what a few of our many valued customers think about Squeegee.

Squeegee try to make the mundane paperwork less and less. They try to automate this as much as possible.

I first found Squeegee when it was first starting out 3 years ago. What I love about the app is that they trying to make the mundane paperwork less and less. They try to automate this as much as possible. Their customer support is one of the best and easiest to deal with. I would recommend anyone to give this app a go and I guarantee you, you will never leave!

Squeegee has been a fantastic addition to our business

Squeegee has been a fantastic addition to our business. The system allows us to send an automatic invoice to customers as soon as the job is marked as complete. Not only this, with the integration of GoCardless and Stripe, it also allows automatic payments to be collected directly from the customer at the time of invoicing. This has significantly reduced the time needed to collect and chase payments and substantially reduced late payments within the business.

Now I have Squeegee I’ve never looked back

Now I have Squeegee I’ve never looked back, this app has saved so much time when billing a customer, booking in work takes 30 seconds, adding a new customers and service takes no time at all and it’s great when pinning the address on the map so I will never do the wrong garden again!! Being able to see each customers rolling bill is great and helpful for reminding customers to pay. Invoicing customers is a few taps and it’s sent so easy. Invoices look really professional and love how you can add your own logo to it.