Bank Reconciliation in Squeegee

Save hours of admin time in reconciling payments and expenses with Squeegee's seamless integration with TrueLayer. Use the intelligent matching system to speed through all transactions within any date range.

Do you love having your own business but hate having to deal with the admin side of things?

Do you sit with your billing and payments software open and your bank account and spend hours manually matching payments?

STOP! Stop spending time manually reconciling payments and expenses!

Try using Squeegee's bank reconciliation feature to speed things up:

Import transactions directly from your bank account and match payments in to customers and invoices, and match up or create expense transactions.

Match all transactions in just a few easy steps

Sync all transactions within any date range for fast and easy reconciliation.

The intelligent matcher will give a percentage of certainty with each match it finds, then this increases with accurately matched transactions in future, providing other similar transactions as suggestions to also match at the same time.

Reconciling expenses

Set the tax rate per expense type to accurately record expenses in Squeegee

Ensure all reports accurately reflect the amount of tax due by entering the correct tax rate for each expense type during the reconciliation process.

Have Squeegee expense categories set up with the tax rate globally, then just tweak if needed before reconciling.

How bank reconciliation has helped our customers with their financial admin

save time and money like these businesses

An absolute Powerhouse

Squeegee has evolved into an absolute power house in the last couple of years. Customer service, Planning & replanning, Quotes & Invoicing, Billing and payments, Any device. Any time. One app. One subscription. Absolutely essential for any appointment based business. Wouldn’t be without it. Thank you!

Now I have Squeegee I’ve never looked back

Now I have Squeegee I’ve never looked back, this app has saved so much time when billing a customer, booking in work takes 30 seconds, adding a new customers and service takes no time at all and it’s great when pinning the address on the map so I will never do the wrong garden again!! Being able to see each customers rolling bill is great and helpful for reminding customers to pay. Invoicing customers is a few taps and it’s sent so easy. Invoices look really professional and love how you can add your own logo to it.

Squeegee takes care of it all - I couldn't run my business without it!

From managing my client appointments to reconciling my accounts, Squeegee takes care of it all. The admin side of things can really bog you down when you're a small business but with Squeegee's streamlined process and integrations such as Stripe, it's become effortless. I have saved so much time thanks to Squeegee that I now have more time to focus on my creativity and the things I love. I couldn't run my business without it!

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