Module 12.1 Adding users and teams and setting their permissions

By the end of this module, you'll be able to add new users and teams to your account ready for work assignment.


12.1 Adding users and teams and setting their permissions

From the users section, if your subscription has available seats, the pink button menu will allow you to add a new user. If you do not have any available seats, you can change your subscription by following the prompt to change subscription taking you to the account page.

Once you open the new user page, add the name, and the user's own email address - once the user is saved, they will receive an email invitation inviting them to join this account and set their password for securely logging in.

You can set the permissions on this page, for in depth understanding of the different levels of permissions, see modules 2-7. Once saved, you can also add attachments to the user.

Teams are set up by adding individual users who will each see the work assigned on their my work section. You can choose whether this is a permanent or temporary team with the settings here and selecting the active dates.