Module 8.1 Adding and editing customers

By the end of this module, you'll be able to add a new customer and enter their name, address, contact details and customer source.


8.1: Adding and editing customers.

From the customer view, go to the pink button to add a new customer.

When viewing on a mobile device, you'll also have the option to add a new customer from contacts if they are already saved too, which will pull through the information you have on them into the correct fields.

The customer reference number is the only thing generated by Squeegee, but this can be edited too if you wish.

Fill in all the details you have. Fill in the name, then start typing the address from the smallest part of the address onwards. You should then find either a possible match in a list to select from or a complete match.

Once you have selected this, then you can pinpoint the exact location on the map, which is important for navigation.

You can also add in additional information to the address field text by editing it at the top of the page before pinning.

From there add an email or multiple emails separated with a comma, phones that you wish to use for sending sms in the first field normally and any landlines to the alternative phone field.

The customer source is for where the customer came from - e.g. facebook/canvassed by x etc.