Module 17.1 Message templates and tokens

By the end of the module, you'll be able to set up all the included message templates and personalise these with tokens, ready for sending to customers.


17.1: Message Templates and Tokens

Before you send out any automatic or manual messages to customers, you need to set the templates in settings.

Go to settings > Notifications and Messages and you’ll see the list of available templates.

Once you press into any of these, you’ll see a list of tokens at the top that pull through the information stored in Squeegee on that customer or job that will make the messages look personalised.

The SMS templates are plain text, the email templates can be a little fancier with the option to add your company logo, images and your own html styling if you want to in addition to the text.

Take a look at the tokens document below which shows how these will look with a description:

view all tokens and descriptions here

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