Module 17.3 bulk messaging from planner views

By the end of this module you'll be able to send messages in bulk from the planner views

There’s another option for sending messages now for sending in bulk to all on Advanced and up.

This allows admins to send SMS or email messages to customers in bulk from any of the planner views, including the job list.

For example, if a worker can’t complete the rest of the work for a certain day and the customers need to be informed, then filter by user from the work planner > select all not done by going to the double tick (or manually select those you wish to send the message to) then go to the new blue send to all icon from the actions at the top and this will open the message editor.

Choose whether to send via email or sms from the drop down, then start editing the message to send. Tokens can be used as normal, and if you wish, this can be set up on the generic SMS and email templates if there’s a message that you use reasonably regularly that you want sent out in bulk to be saved.

Once you’re happy with the message, press send.

You can check the messages in the message tab on the customer and from the new section ‘inbox’

The job list is a useful place to go to to find groups of customers with jobs in a particular round, with jobs assigned to a particular worker, all who have had a particular service within a date rage, etc.