Pricing changes to Squeegee Plans from 1st April and the Introduction of Pay As You Go users

As many of the businesses using Squeegee are raising their prices in-line with inflation and increased running costs, we need to make some changes to our plans. Much like other businesses, our running costs have increased beyond the level of inflation in terms of server hosting, address look-up fees and SMS costs so these will be reflected in the Core and Advanced plans, with a reduction to the Ultimate plan to make the high end features more accessible to all.

NEW FEATURE! With an upcoming release, we are also introducing a feature to Advanced and Ultimate plans to allow businesses to update job prices in bulk using advanced searches to find particular groups. A training video and accompanying notes will be published explaining how to use this feature ASAP.

The Core Plan will be increasing to £19 + vat per user per month or £190 + vat per user per year.

The Advanced Plan will be increasing to £25 + vat per user or £250 per user per year including 150 SMS credits per user per month

The Ultimate Plan will be reduced to £33 + vat per user per month or £330 per user per year including 150 credits per user per month (from feedback, businesses would prefer the reduction in price rather than the inclusive credits)

For The Infinite plan, for businesses with 10 or more users, please contact us for a quote.

Squeegee credits will be increasing to 3.6p + vat per credit

New PAYG users

Pay as you go users will be introduced alongside the updated pricing plans from 1st April allowing businesses to add additional part time workers with pricing based on days of use charged as Squeegee credits. This is a great benefit to any business with occasional or part time workers with an extremely cost effective solution charged through Squeegee Credits as follows:

PAYG Core users will be charged at 40 credits per day

PAYG Advanced users will be charged at 50 credits per day

PAYG Ultimate users will be charged at 70 credits per day

If you'd also like to see what other new features are on the cusp of release, take a look at our March Newsletter here:

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