Getting Paid Easily | Trad Man Academy Tutorial

Getting Paid Easily | Trad Man Academy Tutorial

Susie Bishop
11th October 2022

Trad-Man talks us through the list of reasons or excuses why customers don't pay their invoices when they are left/sent and how you can manage payments better with automatic payments.

If like Trad Man, you find chasing payments a chore, you will want to watch this video where he talks about a way round the reasons (or excuses) that customers give for needing a reminder to pay their outstanding invoices.

GoCardless offers the direct debit guarantee for your customers, as well as piece of mind for business owners that minimal admin time needs to be spent on charging for work.

The way the GoCardless integration works with Squeegee is that customers sign up t be charged only once the invoice is generated in Squeegee so they are guaranteed the work has been completed rather than being charged a set amount each month whether the appointments have been completed or not.

The simple steps for your customers:

GoCardless - ideal for your customers

The main reasons why you might want to switch to using GoCardless as your preferred automatic Payment method with Squeegee:

ideal for your business

Don't take our word for it, take a look at how Trad Man uses GoCardless in his business and how easy it is to set up to reduce all that admin and stress.