Marketing for Service Industry Businesses - Social Media

Marketing for Service Industry Businesses - Social Media

Alie Slater
13th October 2022

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There is no better social media platform that will help your business than Facebook. With Facebooks's versatility to connect with clients organically and through paid advertising, it checks all the boxes. Facebook is used by almost 3 billion people around the world, so you are sure to find those in your community using this platform and connecting with local businesses. Facebook will give your business the ability to receive reviews that potential clients check before selecting a company to hire. You can also post on your page about a wide variety of topics that your followers can engage with you in like before and after photos, services you offer, specials and discounts, and much more. Facebook will be one of the most important ways to connect with your customers.

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Instagram is a social media platform where you can really make your business shine! With its focus on imagery and content, you can visually bring your company to life. According to Statista, 1.28 billion people around the world use Instagram. Similarly to Facebook, Instagram gives you the capability to share content through posts and stories but with a focus on photos. Sharing not only business-related content but also things your customers are interested in will help you build a connection with followers. You can also partner with influencers in your industry who might be able to help you get your name out there. Most importantly, you can use Instagram Ads to market your business. All in all, Instagram is a worthwhile avenue to pursue.

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When most people think of LinkedIn, the word " Networking" comes to mind. How can a platform mainly used for connecting to colleagues and business connections help you to gain new customers? We're glad you asked. Similarly to Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn allows an individual to create a business page once they've made a personal profile. From there you can start to share your company story. Post about your services and exciting things happening just like you would on your other social media channels. LinkedIn is a wonderful option for building connections with potential commercial clients in your community, as well. Take note of businesses in your area you think you could provide your services to and head over to LinkedIn and see if the owner or manager has a profile. Reach out them and introduce yourself. You'll be able to start getting your name out there and gaining new clients. As an added bonus, if you're looking to hire employees for your company, you'll find LinkedIn is an invaluable tool.