Customer Story - Window Cleaning Business

Customer Story - Window Cleaning Business

Susie Bishop
24th May 2022

Dan Lee, owner of Somerset Window Cleaning only started his company three years ago after spotting a gap in the market in the external cleaning sector in his local area. Before this, he was a Royal Marine Commando, so quite the career change to business entrepreneur in the external cleaning industry.

Dan runs a busy and successful window cleaning company that he started in a unique way. He found the right business software first before building his customer base and team of workers - which proved extremely successful as the business has grown to now having over 2500 customers and a team of six staff.

In addition to investing in the best software, he also opted for the best equipment:

“Investing in the right equipment to do the very best job was important for me. I purchased a state-of-the-art, Wash and Clean Pure Water System, incorporating the latest technology. An expensive investment but one I felt was required to provide the level of service I wanted to offer. Moving forward, I've invested in further technologically advanced vacuum/suction cleaning equipment for guttering; fitted with mobile cameras to illustrate to clients the gutter cleaning process and provide a filmed recording, should they require it. From starting out with zero clients and embarking on the daunting task of filling a single round, I'm incredibly proud of the company we've become.”

Dan has worked closely with the Squeegee team from day one, and has done lots of behind the scenes testing of new features in their beta stages.

"Squeegee has enabled me to:

  • organise customers and appointments,
  • send invoices,
  • track payments and
  • provide complex reports.

These actions are very time consuming without Squeegee and I can therefore concentrate on growing my business."

As well as using Squeegee for the day to day running of the business, Dan is also an early adopter of the Squeegee Customer Portal, allowing end to end automation of customer quotes right through to booking as he recognised the huge saving in time and effort this would bring to his business, as well as the instant feedback provided to new and existing customers around the clock without having to be online working 24-7!

instant quote for services available with Somerset Window Cleaning using the Squeegee Customer Portal

"The customer portal has enabled my existing customers to be able to sign in and view their account online, as well as being able to request and receive an instant quote for add-on services that can be scheduled as a one off, or as part of a recurring schedule. This is going to save so much time in backwards and forwards communication between customers now it's live on my site."