Module 3.5.3 How to use the optimise drive function on 'My Work'

By the end of this module, you'll be able to set the job order to the optimised drive (which can also be used on the work planner by changing the view to the user view.) 


3.5.3: How to use the optimise drive function on ‘My Work’

An optimised drive order can be set in the ‘my work’ section by: going to the pink menu button and Pressing the optimised drive button.

This brings up the start and end location for you to set and will give you the most economical route to take around the jobs if the appointments don't have set times.

The same can be done to set the optimised drive for other workers by

  • going to the work planner,
  • Changing the view from the chart to workers
  • Then following the same steps as adobe (pink menu button and optimised drive)