Module 21.2 SEND templates

By the end of this module, you'll be able to create a template in Squeegee SEND


12.2: SEND templates

Once you have created an audience in SEND, you're ready to create a template.

Campaigns using these can be sent via email, SMS or both at the moment and will have the ability to be sent via physical post in the future too.

All the usual elements you would expect to find are included in the template editor - the ability to change text style by altering the font, weight and size as well as options to include links and images. It's possible to upload any of your own images from a URL (which can be by adding to Squeegee as an attachment, making the attachment public and copying that URL) or for royalty free images, there's an integration with Unsplash.

For SMS templates, you can either choose to have just plain text or a subject line and a link to the full template with colours and images that will open on clicking and look just the same as the email. For all templates, you can choose to send via just email, just SMS or both.