Nexdynamic - the creators of Squeegee

Mark established NexDynamic with his brother James to provide new technical partnerships, providing firms a new standards based cross platform methodology. They quickly established a foothold in helping businesses implement this new platform for their own businesses.


NexDynamic was born with these ideals in mind. Before the innovative research and development of Squeegee was in the pipeline, they needed to build up enough equity within their business to be able to see this through with financial stability.


They took on consultancy work in building solutions for companies of all different sizes all over the globe, using their skills and expertise in development to come up with solutions to problems. The projects grew in size and needed more developers so they took on trusted employees with similar mind-sets and a passion for the creative process.


NexDynamic is a unique company, where there is no hierarchical structure and office beauracrasy squashing the process of the creative design and build process. There’s no agenda to build things hastily to hit monthly targets and make as much money as possible in the shortest amount of time. There is instead, a shared vision…Read about this in the Squeegee Vision section.