Module 7.11.3 Email settings

By the end of this module, you'll be able to know where to find the email settings, why Squeegee SMTP is advised over custom SMTP and how to add email bcc and html signature.


7.11.3 - Email settings The email settings allow customers to see a different reply to email to the one that is on the account if you wish, or you can set up your own custom SMTP if you want to by enabling this option.

Custom SMTP We don't generally advise this as it means that you don't get all the tracking that you would with the emails coming from the system and we have a much higher deliverability rate than messages sent from an individual email address.

However, if you wish to set this up, you enter your email and email password, then the server and port will automatically auto-complete.

Email notification bcc and html signature There is an option to add an email bcc as well as an html email signature that can include text and images