Module 9.2 Viewing jobs on customers

By the end of this module, you'll know how to view jobs on the customer view and how to edit the appointment and entire job schedule from there.


9.2: Viewing jobs on customers

Once a job/quote/appointment is saved on a customer, it will show under the customer details on the customer view.

On this view, you can press into the next appointment to see the details, or press on the view button to see the job details.

You can edit the details from here by pressing the pink button, or from the three dots menu to the top right of the job on the customer view.

Editing the job Editing the job updates all jobs in the schedule if it's repeating,

Editing the appointment Editing the appointment gives you the option to just edit the one appointment and all of the other jobs, or just this specific appointment.

You can reach this view by pressing on the job in any of the planners (or details from the Day Pilot) then pressing on the customer name.