Module 4.1 Adding prospective new customers to the canvassed list

By the end of this module, you'll be able to add newly canvassed customers to the system as a canvasser without the job editor role,  and know how admins can action creating quotes for these customers.


4.1: adding prospective new customers to the canvassed list a canvasser without a job editing role.

The canvassing role can be added as a stand alone role, or on top of worker and planner roles where the user is unable to see the customer list.

Canvassers can add new prospective customers with their details to show up on admin accounts for following up with quotes and booking in jobs.

To add a canvassed customer:

  • Go to the canvassing menu item,
  • add a new customer from the pink button menu adding any detail about the jobs that they would like to book in for, or, quotes they'd like to receive in the notes as well as as many details as possible.